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Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine

Well Peanut and I have had quite the challenging week! What started with a limp on Monday that I thought was just from him sleeping on his leg too long, turned out to be a flared up back issue.

This morning he could barely walk and whimpered when he did so. I discovered if I could support his weight by holding him up by the harness, that he moved much more freely. But I was concerned about getting him up and down the ramp if he decided he couldn't do it himself.

So I called right away this morning to get him to the vet and told them I may need to discuss putting him to sleep. You can imagine that's pretty much all I thought about today. 

The vet was so wonderful. They had a blanket bed prepared for him to be comfortable in the exam room. She checked him all over and determined it was his spinal issue that was aggravating him. This meant nothing is wrong with his legs and he's going to take some medications to help his back heal.

We still have a long road ahead of us, literally. I'm concerned about the long drive for my old pup, but I know he's going to love seeing the grand folks. I'm so happy to have this Valentine's evening with my sweetheart!

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