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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project Progress

This was a pretty lazy weekend. Thank goodness! Considering I just came off two crazy busy weeks with over a hundred hours logged, I really needed it.

I decorated for Valentines day and managed a little cooking and cleaning. Other than that, I mostly worked on my chair. I finished stripping it down to the frame, and then used the old pieces as a pattern for my new fabric. I JUST had enough of the leftover furniture cover fabric.

Because the furniture cover had cording, I needed to work that into my chair cover. If I hadn't, I would have come up short. So I cut apart the original seat cover into four parts and then placed those along the cording on the new fabric.

I forgot to cut the main piece a little larger to allow for the new seams, so now that it's all said and done, it just fits over the edges of the chair. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed it works when I go to reassemble. Because I put in A LOT of work ripping out the seems of the cording to piece it all back together.

And there was this rubber backing on the fabric that made it impossible to sew. My brilliant mother suggested attaching tissue paper on the rubber side to help the fabric slide through more easily and it totally worked! I was super stoked as I breezed through the multiple seams of the back piece. Then I just needed to pull the pieces of tissue paper off the finished seams.

So all the sewing was finished Saturday. Today I tightened screws and nails and glued loose joints. Hopefully it will sturdy the chair up for years to come. I sanded the frame and intend to paint it before tacking the fabric back on. 

In the meantime I put a few coats of varnish on these shelves that have been on my project list for way too long. I'm looking forward to finishing those and gaining a little convenient storage in my back hall off my kitchen.

I feel like I've had a pretty productive lazy weekend, all things considered.

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