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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Vision

I mixed a little Valentines into my winter decorations. I can't help but love the splash of red on this gray and rainy winter day.
I have holiday Coca Cola advertisements for these two frames and the Valentine's ones are two of my favorites! It helps that they are all from the 50's and 60's.
I added red snowflake accents to the winter white and a little heart on my hearth.
 I finally finished my snowy ornament swag with a little netting and more red snow flakes.
The glass ornaments were perfect to convert to snowballs. I poured glue in to coat the inside and then shook kosher salt around until it stuck. Voila! Snowballs! A few of the ornaments received sprigs of paper doilies. So cute on my little red snowflake place mat in a trifle bowl for the center piece on my dining table.

These little velvet hearts I made perch atop a red glass candy dish who lost his lid. And this little cherub traveled all the way from Germany in 1997 to grace the little mirror.

It's a shame the Valentine's decorations only last a week or two, but by then I'll be ready to toss aside winter for a little breath of spring air. 

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