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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Little Spring Warmth

While browsing the Pinterest awhile back, I ran across this pin that looked too cute to pass by. I pinned it right away and then discovered that the link did not lead me to a tutorial, but instead to a blog in... Spanish? I don't even know.

Point being, this is a really cute idea and in order to bring it to fruition, I would need to use my own...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Unbelievable Transformation

Recently a friend salvaged this beautiful, old farm table and passed it along to me to work my magic.
I had a few ideas for this table. It came to me on wheels and so I thought perhaps with a new top and a little more height it could be a fabulous kitchen island. But the cost of a quality stone or butcher block top slowed me down on that idea.

Also, the wheels were in pretty bad shape, so they would have had to be replaced anyhow. Trust me, they had a hundred years of rust on them that made it extra fun to pull them out. I learned a little oil...

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sharing More Beauties

Although I finished these months ago, I don’t believe I’ve shared them yet. I was at a standstill for production because the house was filling up quickly with finished projects and nowhere to sell them. Now that I’m displaying items at Thrifty Pickin’s* in Coon Valley, I’m clearing out the basement and garage!

*Chairs currently available at Savvy Home Consignments.

These chrome frame chairs are really heavy duty and comfortable. I secretly hope nobody buys them so I can bring them back home again.  The fabric reminds me of a Frank Lloyd Wright print. I’m really in love with everything about them. And I had two so you can see the before and after in the picture, but they have both been finished now to match. No more ripped orange fabric.

The grey tables (SOLD) I picked up at two different locations and was super excited to find a matching pair. Of course I’m in love with...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thrifty Pickin's

This weekend I dropped off a car load full of furniture and things at Thrifty Pickin's in Coon Valley. This included a few pieces I've already shared with you and these newer items. I'm hoping the Thrifty Pickin's crowd will love the new additions!

Here are a few of my chalk board creations. There are two cutting boards and a metal tray. These are ready to hang in your kitchen for your shopping list notes or party menus.
Photo from Thrifty Pickin's.
This stripey, low coffee table is...

Friday, January 3, 2014


After a long day at my nine to five, I hurried home for a bite to eat and to record my lines before heading to the theatre for rehearsal. We were expected to be memorized, so I worked on my lines on the way there with the recording.

It was really challenging for as little as I have in the way of lines because I hadn't worked the scenes with blocking more than once. I'll get it. I'm just hard on myself. I always expect I should be able to do anything without practicing and am disappointed to find out that usually isn't the case.

After I got home I spent an hour...


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