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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Little Spring Warmth

While browsing the Pinterest awhile back, I ran across this pin that looked too cute to pass by. I pinned it right away and then discovered that the link did not lead me to a tutorial, but instead to a blog in... Spanish? I don't even know.

Point being, this is a really cute idea and in order to bring it to fruition, I would need to use my own...
...noodle a little.

I cut out the black felt circle for the back and a smaller red one for the front. Then I started cutting little black felt dots. This was really tricky considering I was eye balling circles. In the pinned picture it appears they used sequins, but because you heat these in the microwave, I thought felt would be a better idea.

I looked up how to do the french knot with embroidery thread since it has been ages since I've used it. Then I knotted a little french knot in the center of each lady bug spot.  I cut a notch out for the wings and stitched a straight line to define them. Then I cut out face parts and stitched all those in place.  If I did these again, I may go with a felt glue to get the cheeks on. I feel they would look better.

I finished stitching around the red felt with a sewing machine loaded with red thread on top and black on bottom, leaving the part under the face open. Then I filled with about 5 tsps of white rice and stitched closed by hand with black embroidery thread under the face part. Super sneaky if you ask me.

I finished off with the little flower felt buttons. I'm feeling these look super springy to warm your hands as you brave the rest of what winter has to offer.  Just 30 seconds in the microwave gave me about 15 minutes of a little pow pow of heat.  I'm told you can also freeze these for kiddy boo boo ice packs. But I'll warn you, they do get pretty hot.

If you're interested in picking up a pair of these, I will be hauling them down to Thrifty Pickin's this week!

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