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Monday, November 10, 2014

Sick Of This!

After a full day of crafting, cooking, and getting things done around the house I should be exhausted, but I'm up late due to allergies and not being able to breathe. 

I started my day with an old favorite recipe for sweet potato hash from my ultra metabolism cookbook. It's whole foods based and I knew nothing about it would give me an allergic reaction. 

I procrastinated craft time by cleaning up my kitchen including putting away the party dishes from a few weeks ago. I fixed my loose closet door with a couple tooth picks in the screw holes. I even hung my new coca cola sign.

Then I headed into my basement to get crafting supplies and procrastinated a little more by doing some rearranging. Or organizing the crafts as I tell myself. 

I finally headed out to my workshop in the garage and prepped a bunch of barnwood for crafts. I've got some jewelry hangers, votive holders, signs, and bed spring trees and snowmen in progress.

I might actually have a few things to sell at the craft fair next week! I ended my evening with my Coffee Beef Stew (totally non-allergenic) and whipped up a new brownie recipe that seemed to be allergen free. 

I didn't even take my stomach meds tonight as I recently heard they can cause higher sensitivity to allergens (like I need that)! So that leaves the cider and brandy as a culprit. The brandy is probably not high quality and I tend to have a reaction when I'm slumming it with my liquor selections.

Perhaps never again. I'm sooo sick off this! 

1 comment:

  1. It could be dust or mold in the workshop that's causing an allergic reaction.
    Your crafts look great by the way.



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