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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Iced Coffee Sounds Good Right About NOW

McD's was going to bring in iced coffee for our on air djs (and me) to sample. It was supposed to be sometime after 2 o'clock. It is 2:57pm. I'm getting sleepy. It would be a great time for an iced coffee break!

I have been so busy trying to keep of with all the things my boss usually handles. I was working on scheduling commercials for Pepsi this morning and was pleased with myself to be done with two orders. I said that if my boss were here, she probably would have had them all done in that time. It turned out to be 9 orders with about 20 commercials. It takes a whole lot of concentration for me to figure out what commercials need to play on what station, in what rotation, and with what tags added on. Oh the stress!

I'm tired today from a late Bodega night last night. That sure doesn't help my focus issues. I was planning to purchase some more mulch and work in my backyard after rehearsal, but due to the sticky hotness, I ditched those plans and went to the air conditioned bar. I've decided to take the afternoon off on Friday to get a jump on that project. I plan to spend the weekend painting the kremlin on the backdrop at the theatre. Wouldn't it be nice if I could get the whole thing done this weekend and wouldn't need to spend the rest of the summer painting? Keep your fingers crossed for me! Where the hell is that coffee?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Stunted Growth

I'm disappointed in my recent landscaping ventures. All of the leaves are gone from my new climbing roses due to the tiny teeth of tiny, hungry bunnies. This weekend I purchased a tiny little fence to keep their tiny little asses away from my roses. I finally picked up some mulch for my hedges (so I don't have to mow between each one) and was about 5 or 6 bags short. Hopefully I'll get done with rehearsal early tonight and be able to pick up a few more bags. I also noticed that the bunnies have taken to sharpening their teeth on my hedges. Those little rat bastards. Although mowing over a bunny rabbit was one of the most traumatic experiences in my life, I would sure like all those little buggers to die right about now. So, when I'm at the store picking up mulch, I think I'll be looking for little cages to keep the rabbits out...or catch them. We'll see what they have. ;) Oh, and I had another dream about nuclear war. This time it was rocket-looking missiles one after another after another screeching down to earth. That may be influenced by the fact that one of my friends is currently at Space Camp. Jenny was the first person I went to in the face of the end of the world. She was on a bar stool. I'm not sure she was feeling the endoftheworldness as much as I was.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Guitar Hero, Baby!

I worked late into the night last night checking up on the club where we host comedy. It is a rough job, but somebody has got to do it! Magic didn't turn out to be as horrible as I had imagined. The guy was funny. Blondy McBlonderson really likes magic, so she was spellbound. We bookended the night with a little slice of Bodega and a little bit bigger slice of drama. Always fun. We ended up at Blondy's pad with me trying to fix her computer and email some pictures out for her. In the process, I emailed this gem to myself. This was the night we went to the Loggers game and had a shot fest at a neighboring bar. Then we settled down for a long Guitar Hero Challenge. Blondy is way better than I; however, it is her game. I say it is an unfair advantage!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I'm feeling generally uninspired lately. Tonight I have a break from rehearsals to fulfill my quarterly goals of attending comedy twice a month. I found someone who has conceded to go to comedy with me tonight, so hopefully it will be good times despite the fact that the comedian has an "innovative blend of comedy and magic." I couldn't think of anything worse. I'll update tomorrow on the quality of comedy. It really feels like Friday today. A few of my co-workers and I went to lunch at Piggy's. Then someone ran out to get some sort of delicious coffee ice cream snackies. There isn't that much work. Tomorrow begins my boss's maternity leave (again), so she took off early. Those of us left are all wound up with nothing to do. This could be a dangerous mindset to begin my evening. Oh well, tomorrow will probably be more of the same, right?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Drinky Drinky Sales Meeting

So, it was a drinky drinky sales meeting today. I was in a super-bad mood today and it was music to my ears to hear the clink clink of bottles being loaded into the coolers. Because of my new found status as the company "Swiller," I had to do my part. I'm feeling much better, thank you. Rehearsal tonight may be a challenge, but I'll do what I can. I'M OFF THE JUICE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Rehearsals are underway and the I heard the first mention of line memorization last night. I haven't even began that process yet. I've been busy reading Three Sisters so I can develop the three characters I'll need to perform the "Audition" piece. I've also got the 70's movie of Three Sisters on the way from Netflix this week. Hopefully all the research will help. I've already started to develop an essence of each sister. I just need to take the time to apply their personalities to the lines I have. Then dad asked me last night when I was planning to commence painting the backdrop for the show (the Kremlin). "Well, we'll need to get red paint," I said. And dad replies, "When do you think you can do that?" Me? I'm beginning to feel busy all of a sudden. I still haven't made posters for the show or began work on the programs. Where will I find the time? Luckily the rain gods have blessed me with extra time that I would have had to spend watering my shrubs. During the last watering on Sunday, I noticed that there were about eight plants that had started to sprout little tiny green leaves. My hope is that they will actually look like tiny little plants by August and not like sticks in the mud. My new climbing roses are leafing out nicely, however the trellises lean over the plants and I found that the last rain storm knocked one over completely. It will be a race against time to get the trellises fixed before the new growth demands their support.

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Little Loggers

I enjoyed a little bit of the La Crosse Loggers on Friday. Truth be told I enjoyed a lot more of the beer than the game. They lost 5 to 0. Apparently I am a jinx. After the game we headed to JB's for a beer...which turned into two...which turned into four shots, more beer, and then breakfast. I crawled into bed at 4am. Saturday began earlier than I would have liked with my puppy being sick. He had challenges all day long, but I managed to mow the lawn and clean the house before rinsing off and heading to Tremp City for some karaoke. My friend needed to rehash a date and mostly due to that, I needed to drink strong Captain and Diet Cokes. I got home slightly earlier than the day before, but I was ready to do nothing on Sunday. I pulled off the nothing routine until almost four o'clock. I whipped together a cheese ball, grabbed my bottle of Argentine Beef, and headed to the Holmen Branch for some Daddy Day celebrations. Chuck grilled delicious steaks and mom made cheesy potatoes...not as good as Durand cheesy potatoes! A good time was had by all and I headed home early to care for my sick puppy and wind down the weekend quietly.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good Times, End Times

This was my horoscope for Monday, only it wasn't delivered to my inbox until last night: "A grand illusion is looming. Are you in control of the perceptions of others or is someone else controlling the pace of events? Be cautious in expanding your faith today." I was just talking about illusions yesterday and believing that we have the ability to control what happens in our world. What you need always appears when you need it! Last night I dreamt that there was an atomic bomb. Rob was there...acting like it was no big deal and goofing around. Beth was there...overly anxious and anticipating everything that may happen. Shirley was there... being the rock. My contribution was suggesting we stockpile water because people outside were starting to get crazy. How come I see to the heart of my closest friends and I don't see that I am any use at all? Hard to say. However, it is easy to say that I can't imagine spending the end times with anybody else. It was like a Tremplo Gang Get-Together. Good times, end times.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cupcakes Concede Craftiness

I'm celebrating getting down to 30 pounds lost with a cupcake for our work's monthly Free Food Wednesday. It is delicious! I went to go get weighed in, stopped at Festival to pick up some cupcakes (and veggie pizza), and then loaded up on delicious, salty food. I have a whole week to flush it out, so I'm good to go!

Last night at rehearsal, I found out that the "Audition" piece that I do in The Good Doctor is going to require me to do four distinctly separate characters. So that will be fun. I mean challenging beyond all reason. Can I still concede?

My horoscope today says that I'm supposed to take on a project at home. I keep pondering what that will entail. I still would like to do a decorative border in the living room. Maybe I'll start that one. I also had a crafty idea for my booth table that has been in various stages of undoneness since I moved into my house over two years ago. Or I guess I could finally get around to painting my vanity table to match my bed and dresser. So many possibilities and yet what I really wanted to do was watch a movie and snuggle with Peanut. So much to be decided at a later time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Brewers Pics from 6.06.07

These are from the tailgating portion of the day.
Me with Super-Animated Co-worker (noticed how freightened I look?).Me with Super-Animated Co-worker's friend (we love him)
and my friend, Blondy McBlonderson.
Blondy McBlonderson, Super-Animated Co-worker, and me!
(okay, all buds again. Or did we just drink too much?)


I've had my fair share lately. The newest is realizing that although I have two nights off from rehearsal this week, neither one is on Thursday when I was supposed to go to comedy. I was really looking forward to going. I advised my director that I would indeed need the next two Thursdays off to go to comedy (to meet my quarterly goals). Unfortunately, next week is "a blend of comedy and magic." I always hate those shows. I'm crabby about it. If only I had remembered that this was a conflict. So far, I'm not liking being in this show very well. Last night I found out what parts I will be playing and one is super-crappy. The other is okay, but I am supposed to be auditioning with a monologue from Three Sisters. Luckily I have a book of Anton Chekhov plays so I can brush up. I am supposed to do it well, though, so we'll see how that goes. Is the summer over yet? I want out.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Doesn't Feel Like I Haven't Done Anything

I ache. I woke up bright and early Saturday, so I decided to tackle that hedge planting project. I did some other yard work and then began planting about 10am. I am super-sensitive to the sun, so I took frequent breaks and drank over twice the amount of water I usually drink in a day... right around 150 oz. Each water break was another opportunity to put on more sun screen as well. I'm just getting over my slight burn from the Kearns Tourney a week ago, so the importance of sun screen is in the forefront of my mind at this time. With each side of hedges I planted, I had a different neighbor come out to check up on me. First Arlene came out, "I couldn't take it anymore! I had to find out what you're planting." The neighbors in the back were out most of the day, but once they got home it didn't take long for the lady to come and check on me as well. I feel a little bad for them because the bigger the hedges get, the less will probably grow in their newly shaded vegetable garden. Sorry guys. Then as I was lining Jim's fence, he came out, "You're doing this side too?" I responded with "Yep! All the way around!" It was as if I had been declaring war on my neighbors all day long. I refrained from telling them the hedges were called Wall of China. So, at 6:30pm I began to wash off my shovel and put away my planting supplies. I finished off with a walk around to give the little stick plants a good watering. I was happy to find out the hose reached to the far corners of the yard. Now I'll be watching for green stuff. Hopefully I'll have time to water before rehearsals, which begin tonight. I felt I needed a little rest and relaxation after the work I did Saturday, so I took the best shower of my life and headed out on the town for a few cocktails. By the time I got home, I was TIRED! On Sunday, I slept in longer than I have in a long time. Once I was up, I tried to watch Casablanca again (I had fallen asleep the first time I tried to watch it), and I fell asleep again. After a little cat nap, I was able to find where I left off and finally got through the whole movie. I'm not sure why old movies are so hard for me. I'm in luck; Deja Vu is next in my queue!

Friday, June 8, 2007

And Then There Were None

The sales people are dropping like flies. We have initiated 1/2 Day Fridays for the summer (supposedly earned) and we have a sales staff of about four right now and those are the people who actually go out on appointments, so they aren't in the office anyhow! It is just me, the other sales assistant, and copywriter hanging out. We're here for support. Hopefully I'll get all caught up this week. I know I said that last week too! This weekend I have to rip out my living room carpet so it is all ready for new flooring next weekend! I hope all goes smoothly and nobody gets hurt (sensitive Peanut paws) from walking around on sub-flooring for a week. Where am I going to put all my furniture during this process? Luckily I've gotten rid of all the superfluous furniture already. After the new flooring I'm going to have to be prepared with new rugs. Peanut is getting older and there is no way he'd be able to hop up on the couch from laminate wood flooring below. Poor Petey. Maybe this weekend will be a rug-shopping one. Oh, and I still need to pick up my end tables because I've been a slacker and haven't done that yet. Seriously! Yesterday it was stormy!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Slightly Windy With A Chance Of Tornadoes

So, I hear the weather is turning bad. I hope Peanut will be okay. And I hope the wind does not blow rain in my open bedroom window. *nervous* Other than that, I'm pretty worried out for now. It was a long day of travelling across the state yesterday (and drinking). It was great! I was saddened to realize that while out getting drinks, I missed the sausage race. We had bet on it, so I came back to find I missed it and needed to fork over $5 to my friend! C'est la vie. After resting on the way home, I decided I should go out for cocktails, so I put my pants on and headed to The Bush for karaoke. The Captain and Diet Cokes tasted particularly delicious, but did not ward off all the freaky freaks who frequent The Bush. At least it helps me forget. I know there were some photos taken. I'm trying to get my hands on those and will update if I find something appropriate!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Back In The Saddle

I thought I was going to get the hang of this whole boss being gone thing, but today she is back in the saddle. There has been a delay and she will resume maternity leave later in the month. I'll have to start all over again! Oh well, for now that means more blogging time!

Last night I auditioned for Holmen Community Theatre's summer show "The Good Doctor" by Neil Simon. I was not completely excited about the script, but again, my parents guilted me into auditioning. I will say that hearing the dialogue out loud did make it more humorous. I can see potential. So, again, I'll be spending my summer not mowing my lawn, not watching tv, and not hanging out with my friends. Should be fun.

Tonight I'm going to take my mind off the 95.7 The Rock night at the Loggers (that I don't want to go to cause I'm juicing and wouldn't be able to drink) by heading up to Arcadia to pick up my new end tables. That will be just as much fun. I'm thinking there will be a stop in Tremp City to hang with Sherman on her deck. That might make up for it.

Oh, and I should mow my lawn. Tomorrow I'm going with a group through WKTY to see my very firstest Brewers game. I hear that it should be good times. I'll be incommunicado all day long. When you check my blog over your break at work and remember that I'm gone, think of me having good times at the ballgame!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Did I mention that my boss is on maternity leave for six weeks? I was feeling the burn last Thursday on the first day of her absence. I'm only hoping that eventually I'll get the hang of doing all her work and it won't be quite so stressful. I used to cover for her when there was only me. Now there is a second sales assistant to ease the pain. This should be nothing, right? I experienced some burn on Saturday as well. After sitting out on a golf course as a witness to any hole-in-ones that occurred for the Charlie Kearns Memorial Golf Tournament, I was slightly crispy on my right side. I swear I was wearing some protection, but not enough for the 10:30am-1:30pm shift, I guess. The sun (the beer, and the lack of sleep the night before) drained the life right out of me. After stopping by Dave's to try his first brewing attempt and then my sister's just cause I was in the neighborhood, I went home and passed out. Sleepy jean. Sunday proved productive. My dad came over to help me change out the storm windows to screens and while the storms were off, I washed all the windows from the outside and added putty where needed. It only sprinkled on us a little; the main downfall happened right as I was finishing up the last window (and then continued for the rest of the night). Then my dad put in my new kitchen faucet. I'm so excited! No more having that old, stupid handle falling off in the sink every time I turn the hot water on or off. I did notice last night that my dishwasher no longer hooks up to the faucet. Unfortunate. I'm going to have to look into a solution to that--pronto.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Summertime Fun

It is official. May is over and today is the first Rock Stop for 95.7 The Rock's summer promotion, 95 Days of Summer, which I like to think of as the kick-off to summer. It is going to be a busy time, especially with one of our sales assistants out on maternity leave. Here is what I have to say to that: bring it on! Today is shaping up to be quiet around here. I plan to work all day (gasp!) and clean off my desk so I can start the next week on top of my game. I've been asked out to lunch by one of our sales people and free lunch is always a good start to a weekend. It is going to be a busy one. I intend to watch one of the holes at the Charlie Kearns Memorial Golf Tournament on Saturday (if it doesn't rain). Then there was talk of going to a coworker's to sample his attempt at beer making. I also heard that it is June Dairy Days in W.S. this weekend and another co-worker is having a little get-together. (Breath) Then on Sunday I think there are a lot of home projects I need to attend to along with cleaning the old ranch. It looks as though a tornado went through my house this week. And now I have a traffic issue to attend to. Happy Friday!


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