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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cupcakes Concede Craftiness

I'm celebrating getting down to 30 pounds lost with a cupcake for our work's monthly Free Food Wednesday. It is delicious! I went to go get weighed in, stopped at Festival to pick up some cupcakes (and veggie pizza), and then loaded up on delicious, salty food. I have a whole week to flush it out, so I'm good to go!

Last night at rehearsal, I found out that the "Audition" piece that I do in The Good Doctor is going to require me to do four distinctly separate characters. So that will be fun. I mean challenging beyond all reason. Can I still concede?

My horoscope today says that I'm supposed to take on a project at home. I keep pondering what that will entail. I still would like to do a decorative border in the living room. Maybe I'll start that one. I also had a crafty idea for my booth table that has been in various stages of undoneness since I moved into my house over two years ago. Or I guess I could finally get around to painting my vanity table to match my bed and dresser. So many possibilities and yet what I really wanted to do was watch a movie and snuggle with Peanut. So much to be decided at a later time.

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