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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Rehearsals are underway and the I heard the first mention of line memorization last night. I haven't even began that process yet. I've been busy reading Three Sisters so I can develop the three characters I'll need to perform the "Audition" piece. I've also got the 70's movie of Three Sisters on the way from Netflix this week. Hopefully all the research will help. I've already started to develop an essence of each sister. I just need to take the time to apply their personalities to the lines I have. Then dad asked me last night when I was planning to commence painting the backdrop for the show (the Kremlin). "Well, we'll need to get red paint," I said. And dad replies, "When do you think you can do that?" Me? I'm beginning to feel busy all of a sudden. I still haven't made posters for the show or began work on the programs. Where will I find the time? Luckily the rain gods have blessed me with extra time that I would have had to spend watering my shrubs. During the last watering on Sunday, I noticed that there were about eight plants that had started to sprout little tiny green leaves. My hope is that they will actually look like tiny little plants by August and not like sticks in the mud. My new climbing roses are leafing out nicely, however the trellises lean over the plants and I found that the last rain storm knocked one over completely. It will be a race against time to get the trellises fixed before the new growth demands their support.

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  1. Your best bet is to read the Mamet interpretation. ALthough we didn't use that text, I used it as reference while I was performing the show.



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