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Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Story, Short

My managers harassed me into leaving my job. Now I'm looking for a new job and trying to get rid of this ulcer so I can eat food again. In the meantime, I think I have to return a little focus to the play. I promise to do my very best. Focus has been hard to come by since Friday. I'll work on my humor for the next posting.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Buzzed Up

Thank the lord for coffee. I was hoping that things would settled down a little after my party and Sand on the Riverfront were over, but apparently a slow down isn't in the stars for me. Work has picked up at an increasingly faster pace with each day and today I have a golf outing in the afternoon. That isn't even mentioning the comedy shenanigans I have to deal with! The good news is my party was a howling good time. There is so much preparation for a few short hours, but I sure do try to pack the fun into that time. I had a slightly smaller crowd than usual, but we managed to drink what we could. I unfortunately have eleven 1.5 liter bottles of champagne left. I foresee a New Year's Eve party in my future! My mother took the leftover popcorn to whip up batches of caramel corn, however I haven't had a chance to try it out yet with all the other leftovers at my house. My co-workers on the other hand, have been treated with a few snackies so far this week. The only full moon craziness we experienced was a toppled bar that led to several broken glasses and bottles of booze, as well as the loss of my cocktail shakers. *tear* That loss was a little more painful than the shards of glass embedded in my foot that caused me to bleed all over the kitchen before realizing it. Those memories fade and just the happiness remains as the rest of my glasses have been washed and put away. Party details have been filed. And it is with the hazy memories of hazy photographs that I remember my Fourth Annual Housewarming Party: HOLLYWOOD STARS.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm Not Shouting

All right, I am. I'm shouting, I'm shouting, I'm shout.... I think the stress is getting to me. I am beginning to think that working on the Sand on the Riverfront committee, the Effy committee to put together a presentation for an ad campaign, being involved in back to back shows, and planning a party may be too much for me.

And besides all this, I'm expected to go to work every day. Luckily, I am a quick study on lines and was able to get my lines down well enough yesterday afternoon not to have to call LINE at rehearsal last night. They were not, however, all exactly as written. I guess I have plenty more work to do.

After getting let out of rehearsal early last night, I went home to take my dog for a much needed walk. Then I whipped up some cheddar snacks in the shape of stars for my party. Finally, about 10:45, I kicked up my feet with a glass of wine to start watching The Sandlot for character research. I only made it an hour in before I decided I had to hit the hay.

Then I remembered I still had to try on my party costume. If it hadn't fit, I would be under a major time crunch to get a replacement. Luckily for me, it did fit. It isn't quite like the character I will be portraying, but you'll get the picture. At this point, I'm really looking forward to drinking.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Abstract Busyness

I think my sister and I got a great deal accomplished last night at party headquarters. I feel really good about that. There is nothing like having stars greet you in the morning on your way off to work! However, I was dealt a near-fatal blow today when I received an email that I need to have my lines memorized tonight. What the hell? Where was this on our schedules? Oh that is right, we haven't been getting a schedule for any more than a few days in advance. I'm a quick memorizer, but even I'm not that good. Thank my lucky stars that it is overcast today. With the threat of rain, my golf outing that would have eaten up three quarters of my day was cancelled. This has freed up my lunch hour to drive home to get my script and ipod. I've cooerced my way into getting my lines recorded in the studio this afternoon so I can memorize for the rest of the day. Life would be so much easier if I didn't have to work all day long.

Monday, August 11, 2008

And Then There Were Five

Five days and counting. The time just keeps ticking away. I've been blessed with an evening free from rehearsals tonight! That means I will be able to mow my lawn (and get it raked). My sister is coming over for some throw-you-into-the-deep-end party preparation. She has no idea. Hopefully we will get everything accomplished that I didn't get done yesterday. My parents decided to purchase a small window air conditioner for my birthday and install it yesterday. That also led to the installation of my new (sitting in the closet for a year, but still in the packaging) roman shades. Both unexpected projects created a set-back in the projects I had planned to do yesterday. The Party Planning Nazi says "It's all good." Today I'll get back on track and the rest of the week is going to be a breeze of food preparations. My mother even took a recipe off my hands...yay mom! The trickiest part of this week will be resisting the temptation to crack one of those champagne bottles open at the end of a long night of party prep.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I can't believe it is only 11 days until my annual party. The summer always goes by so quickly. I think I'm sitting in pretty good shape. I have a few crafty projects to finish up, but already have a lot done. Oddly enough, I do have a few decorating decisions not yet made. Usually those are the first things I decide. This year's food stuffs will be very limited (Hollywood stars don't eat anyhow), however, I chose all things I need to make myself. Usually I select a few new things to try to make, but most of the food is from a store or easy-peasy. Food is always a challenge for me when planning a party, so I'm hoping with my tight schedule this year everything will work out. Thanks to a trip to Sam's Club with my sister, I have a lot of liquor purchased. I've poured it into my glass decanters and need to find a way to mark the bottles. At least those purchases were easy: brandy, whiskey, gin, rum... all decisions I can make. However, standing in the champagne aisle at the liquor store, I hadn't a clue. I ended up purchasing two bottles to test out. The first one I tried was fine as far as champagne goes, so at my earliest convenience I'll be heading back to the store to buy 15 of the 1.5 liter size. Talk about bubbly bubbly! I was welcomed this morning by a gigantic (and heavy) Roger Rabbit sitting at my desk. Look for him to make an appearance on a red carpet near you!


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