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Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Camper

I'm the proud owner of a brand new, slightly used Palm Centro courtesy of my brother!

On Friday after work I hit the road toward WI. It was smooth sailing for about an hour and a half before the tire pressure warning light started flashing. I found a gas station and checked the owner's manual. The flashing light indicates the sensor is not working. However, after flashing, the light would stay on for awhile and then eventually go out. I checked the tire pressure because I was nervous about the tires that had been attacked by a pothole on my last trip home from WI. The pressure checked out, so I left a warning message for my parents as to my situation and location...just in case... and apprehensively got back on the road.

In about another hour and a half I experienced the same... and then again... and then again. I was so grateful to have some good talk radio to take my mind off the fact that my tire could blow at any given moment and my vehicle could go careening off the road or in front of other traffic. 

My father eventually decided to drive towards me and ended up meeting me about 45 minutes out to change the tire. Then the two of us inched home on the little donut tire. After dropping Peanut off at my parent's house, I headed down to the Hotel Sherman and believe I was asleep within seconds of crawling into bed. 1:45am.

Saturday was spent hanging around Tremp City and celebrating my Dad's birthday. Even though we had only a few representatives from each clan in attendance, I really enjoyed our family time. Sunday afternoon I headed back on the road with a phone of my own and another long night of travel ahead of me. I'm really looking forward to movie night at home with Peanut tonight and figuring out how to use my new phone!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So... my phone has had hour glass issues for quite awhile. However, removing the battery has seemed to do the trick. The frequency of battery removal had increased to about two to four times a day. I couldn't imagine anything more frustrating... until Monday night.

When I got home from work, I took my phone out of my purse. It was doing the Hourglass of Death, so I removed the battery and popped it back in and waited for the phone to reset. After dinner I checked again and it still hadn't booted back up. So I removed the battery again, rinsed, and repeated...over and over again.

By Tuesday morning I knew I was going to have to take more drastic measures. I searched online for a solution, which I actually found. It involved removing and reinstalling the operating system. Really? I don't feel as though I'm qualified to perform the delicate operation and I think my lack of any computer software for this phone would hinder the outcome. By now the home screen was gone. I was getting a white screen and the Hourglass of Death. I think my phone was heading into the light.

Point being, I'm making an unplanned trip to Wisconsin this weekend to pick up a loaner phone from my awesome brother. Way to go Big Chicken! And on a brighter note, I'll be glad to celebrate my Dad's birthday with the fam. I can't wait! Now if only I could get a loaner phone for the six and a half hour drive...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wind Down

All of my Wisconsin friends have made their way back up north. The last wave left early this morning. Peanut and I enjoyed our day with napping and movies. Luckily NetFlix had sent me the uplifting movie "The Notebook." The cold, grey day was a perfect backdrop.

I'm looking forward to sunshine this week and deciding if I'd like a bonus trip to Wisconsin or if I'd rather have more visitors down here. Decisions, decisions.
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Body NOT A Wonderland

Apparently the bodies in St. Louis are not wonderlands. That was the one song that was painfully obviously missing from John Mayer's set list tonight. Although my friend assured me he would play it, he did not.

We had a great time, though. Lost in Durand enjoyed every minute of the concert experience in Missouri. And her husband marked a new state off his travel list to be there.

I enjoyed travelling into the heart of town, seeing the arch close up, and paying a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe and the Union Station. I definitely felt more touristy than when I visited the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.

If only we could have left the sad sacks from the bus behind, it would have been ideal. Damn their punctuality.

My biggest hope after tonight would be that Michael Franti and Spearhead eventually end up at the Trempealeau Hotel for Reggae Fest. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lucky Lady

MAP and I enjoyed an evening of boneless BWW and trivia with about 200 of our closest March Madness friends last night. We were grateful to be allowed one television for our trivia pleasure. Today while MAP slept in and enjoyed movie time with Peanut, I ventured off to work. I headed home for lunch to share some delicious BLTs on the porch and enjoy the neighbor's PE class. Dreamy.

The second wave of visitors from Wisconsin is en route. I am anxiously awaiting a status update from the road. I have no idea what this evening's activities will hold, but MAP and I were considering homemade pizza. I am always up for some weekend pizza action.

Tomorrow we have our day wide open, but in an unexpected turn of events, are attending a concert in the evening. MAP is even going to stay so that we can catch the bus to the John Mayer show in St. Louis. We'll pack a cooler and it should be a fantastic IL Adventure for all (to MO).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

On Her Way!

I've gotten word that MAP is on her way! So exciting!

Of course she experienced some sort of car trouble that delayed her leaving Wisconsin, but she says the car is safe for travel now. I hope so. I also had to remind her that texting while driving is illegal in Illinois and she asked if it was illegal to talk on the phone. Maybe some Illinoisians can help me out with that one. I've heard conflicting reports thus far.

My understanding of the texting law was that it also prohibited talking on the phone in school zones. Now why would that be the case unless it currently wasn't illegal to talk and drive? And if it was illegal to talk and drive already, why would the new law include that school zone stipulation. Following me? I'm confused and decided I can just do whatever I want.

The point is that MAP will be here in a short six and a half hours! I'm very much looking forward to some Buffalo Wild (boneless) Wings and trivia tonight. My fun-filled weekend is about to begin!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well, I managed to get the house all sparkly clean last night. The rugs are in the dryer to prevent any Peanut fur from tarnishing my illusion of clean. I'm so ready for a house full of Wisconsinites. Tonight I am totally free for whatever may come up.

Hello? Anybody? St. Patrick's Day? Anybody?

I sure hope someone is up for a little festing. Since moving here, I have already missed my favorite holiday (Halloween) celebrations. St. Patty's is a close runner-up and I don't want to miss it too. Alls I'm saying is that there is an Irish Car Bomb somewhere with my name on it.

Celebrate responsibly, like you-know-who would.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I knew that I had previously posted to my blog through an email, but every time I try it says my device isn't registered.

Well, while snooping around my settings today I stumbled upon the correct address to email to. BRILLIANT!

I'm glad to know I am fully connected, because I think this weekend is going to be a lot of go, go, go! I can't wait to welcome my Wisconsin friends to Springfield.
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Daylight Savings Drudgery

Why must they torture us like this? Like taxes aren't enough, the government apparently thinks it needs another way to torture people by funking with their internal clocks. Not to mention our actual clocks. I think I reset the time seven times this weekend! I can't function like this! I'm off for six months while I try to reset my clock (the internal one) and then BAM! they change it up again. It is amazing what shifting one hour will do to my ability to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning. I'm sensitive, you know. Anyhow, I'm dreaming of some fantastic tropical location where it is sunny all the time and they don't even have clocks to reset.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pie Practice

On Saturday I purchased Good Housekeeping's Party Pie Book, circa 1958, in a collection of cookbooks from the Sparc Sugar and Spice Chilli Dinner. I had a discussion with the lady working with me at the dessert table about our first attempts at pie making. Hers was a dinner for her mother-in-law, supposedly a Queen of pie making. And it was a disaster. Mine was for Thanksgiving. I had some crust issues and still haven't gotten over that. She said now her son thinks she makes the best pies and wouldn't even touch the one she made with a store-bought crust. What did I learn? It's all in the crust and I need more practice! I hope my family and friends like pie, because I think I'm going to try each recipe (except possibly mincemeat) from my fancy new cookbook. I would hope that might be enough practice to get it right.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Epic Sleepiness

It seems to be going around the office on this gray, drizzly Friday afternoon, but I'm so tired! I had a few drinks after work last night, then headed home to enjoy my (overcooked) coffee pot roast. Then after a little Mommy and Me time with Peanut, we shuffled off to Buffalo (where I grew up, that meant: went to bed) around 9:30pm. Peanut woke me up with restrained, but persistent barking around midnight. I tried to sooth him back into slumber land with a little back rubbing, but the effects were not lasting. Finally I agreed to hop out of bed, dress, and take Peanut out into the muggy twilight. After a potty break he was good to go and we went back to bed. About 5am I woke up after having some intense dreaming. Looking back, I'm pretty sure that would be caused by coffee before bed and a hot little Peanut snuggled up alongside me and probably increasing my body heat by about 20 degrees. So, I dreamed that this lady came to visit and she was obviously pretty far along on that crazy scale. Here is what I remember: She began talking about how she lived in my house. I was standing on the porch and locked the door to the inside (feeling her crazy vibes). She had some sort of companion with in a sort of warden capacity. Somehow we were inside (I'll mention here that it was not the house I currently live in) and there were old mattresses on the floor. The lady began telling this story about some other people who lived there and told me not to sleep on the mattresses because that is where they died. Then in a flash I could see the people burning alive on the mattresses. I screamed to get the mattresses out of the house. This is where I knew that my parents were there (probably because they are always there to help me out). Everyone was kinda stunned, I think, and I had to scream that I could see the people burning (meaning, I don't think everyone else could). Finally the mattresses and the crazy lady were gone. I was shaking and feeling a little crazy myself when I began trying to ask my parents (who were still stunned) if the lady was just telling me about it or telling me about how she did it. When I really realized she had been the one to set fire to those unnamed mattress folks, is about when I woke up. See what I mean about intense? So, I kept myself awake for awhile. Once I finally went back to sleep it was time to get up. I'm so tired. Maybe I can catch a non-fire related cat nap before my big Bowl for Kids Sake outing tonight.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Parmesan Eggplant Fingers

This one is for my sister and her daughter. When your first eggplant arrives in the CSA box, I think the kiddies will be all over these breaded fingers designed for dipping! I'm not sure that there is anything healthy about vegetables that have been breaded, but they're tasty and hey... they are baked, not fried. And as a bonus, your own fingers get breaded while preparing them. The recipe is posted in the right column under Lonely Girl Recipes. I still haven't figured out how to make a single serving out of anything eggplant. Anybody with tips, please let me know!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad,

I had an emergency on the way home from work. Please send more emergency Salted Nut Rolls for the car. Thanks much.

PS... It was delicious!

Turkey Time!

The time is almost here. On Friday I will finally get to Bowl for Kids Sake. I'm gathering the leis and grass skirts for the Hawaiian-themed event! I think my bowling ball is still in the trunk from its trip to WI. How handy! Thanks to all my fabulous donors who put me over my goal! However, the donation page is still up and running and we'd be more than willing to collect your donations for Big Brothers Big Sisters up until Friday. Just click the link on the right and head on over to make a donation today. You'll be one of my most favoritest people (and you'll help out those kiddies too)!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

My house has been decorated and although it took me all weekend, it is finally sparkly as well. I was disappointed when I opened the cardboard box marked "Spring" to find out that all three of the ceramic decorations I were broken. Luckily the demure bunny was only cracked and so he was able to find a place on my mantel.He looks almost as innocent as Peanut, who found every opportunity to sneak out on the porch and hop up on the couch for a little porch time. And every time he did I found it a good excuse to grab my magazine and have a little more porch time myself.
I was amazed that all the eggs in my Spring box made the trip to Springfield with no damage whats-so-ever. I guess their lightness and their egg cartons helped to keep them safe en route.
I can really feel the tides turning towards Spring. I'm thinking a lot about gardening and have to figure out a way to grow my own veggies this summer. I think I'll make that happen. It will be so worth it when I can walk out in my back yard and pick a tomato off my very own tomato plant.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Minutes In Motion

It must be Spring! I just registered for Minutes in Motion. You can register too at through March 19th. I wish I had a new puppy to walk!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

BLT Season

Is it BLT Season already? I say yes. When I drove home for lunch it was 50 degrees. I kept turning the heat down and wondering why it was still so hot. Turns out that it was hot because it is apparently the beginning of BLT Season. I told myself I was going to be a good girl and eat a salad for lunch, but I wasn't really feeling it. That was until the thought of a BLT salad crossed my mind. Yummy! Although the smell of BLTs reminds me of the day last summer that my purse was stolen out of my house (I was in the process of making a BLT for lunch), I still thoroughly enjoyed my salad today. The one trip up was what to use for a dressing. Check out the recipe in the right column to see what I came up with. It was pretty yummy.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh My Osaka!

Oh my, oh my, oh my! Ironically, the dirty martini was the low point of the entire evening. I was SO looking forward to it too. It was sweet. On what planet is a dirty martini sweet? It is supposed to be vodka and olive juice. Maybe Japanese olives are sweet and I'm just out of the loop. At least I know not to get so excited by the prospect of the martinis there. Some of my dinner companions had a Japanese beer that looked pretty tasty. I think next time I'll try that. Everything else was fantastic. And then some. Our chef was funny, he threw egg at our faces, lit things on fire, and made an onion inferno. What more could you ask for from a chef standing two feet in front of you?

(Our chef cookin')

Well, I could ask that he not cook shell fish with the regular food. About halfway through the cooking process I was a little concerned about the allergy kicking in from eating chicken cooked in shell fish juices, but I have not passed away yet. I think next time I would mention it ahead of time. This was my first experience in this sort of setting and with the new allergy, it just didn't cross my mind.

(Me enjoying the soup)

We had a tasty broth soup, salad with tangy dressing, noodles and rice, veggies, and I ordered the veggies and chicken. It was all just beyond tasty. I even managed to eat with my chop sticks (gold star for me)! And they kept piling the food on our plates. I had so much food, I hauled a heap of it home with me. I just enjoyed some leftovers and still have enough for another meal. I consider myself lucky to have gotten this great experience at a new restaurant. Now I want people to come visit me, so I can share it with everyone else!

(Photos courtesy of Kim Whittington's mobile uploads)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Radio life has its perks. Tonight I will be sampling the new Osaka Japanese Restaurant with Alice and her listeners. I hear they have martinis. This is really what I'm looking forward to most, but I'm excited to give a new restaurant in Springfield a try. Can I count this as a community event?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

I really enjoyed my weekend. I had a few drinks with coworkers on Friday. It feels like it has been awhile. I headed home to a coffee roast in the crock pot and a Netflix movie. The movie, unfortunately, was not good. If you've put The Accidental Husband on your list, I'd suggest removing it. Just bad, bad, bad. Saturday I got my house back in sparkly condition and did a little Better Homes & Gardens reading. Peanut and I even spent a little time hanging on the porch. It was beautiful weather for February! Saturday night, Boss Lady and I went to see the Second City show at the Hoogland. It was nice to get out and do something a little different. Sunday was all about destroying that sparkly kitchen of mine. I made pancakes and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Then I went grocery shopping and prepped a ton of veggies. I also made a rice dish, homemade focaccia bread, chocolate oatmeal cookies, and pan-browned tilapia. I'm not sure what a great idea it is to learn how to make my own delicious bread. After all, I don't buy it for a reason, right? I'm already thinking of things I could make for dinner to go with the bread. When it comes to bread I have a one-track mind. Just eat it.


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