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Thursday, March 4, 2010

BLT Season

Is it BLT Season already? I say yes. When I drove home for lunch it was 50 degrees. I kept turning the heat down and wondering why it was still so hot. Turns out that it was hot because it is apparently the beginning of BLT Season. I told myself I was going to be a good girl and eat a salad for lunch, but I wasn't really feeling it. That was until the thought of a BLT salad crossed my mind. Yummy! Although the smell of BLTs reminds me of the day last summer that my purse was stolen out of my house (I was in the process of making a BLT for lunch), I still thoroughly enjoyed my salad today. The one trip up was what to use for a dressing. Check out the recipe in the right column to see what I came up with. It was pretty yummy.

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