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Friday, March 12, 2010

Epic Sleepiness

It seems to be going around the office on this gray, drizzly Friday afternoon, but I'm so tired! I had a few drinks after work last night, then headed home to enjoy my (overcooked) coffee pot roast. Then after a little Mommy and Me time with Peanut, we shuffled off to Buffalo (where I grew up, that meant: went to bed) around 9:30pm. Peanut woke me up with restrained, but persistent barking around midnight. I tried to sooth him back into slumber land with a little back rubbing, but the effects were not lasting. Finally I agreed to hop out of bed, dress, and take Peanut out into the muggy twilight. After a potty break he was good to go and we went back to bed. About 5am I woke up after having some intense dreaming. Looking back, I'm pretty sure that would be caused by coffee before bed and a hot little Peanut snuggled up alongside me and probably increasing my body heat by about 20 degrees. So, I dreamed that this lady came to visit and she was obviously pretty far along on that crazy scale. Here is what I remember: She began talking about how she lived in my house. I was standing on the porch and locked the door to the inside (feeling her crazy vibes). She had some sort of companion with in a sort of warden capacity. Somehow we were inside (I'll mention here that it was not the house I currently live in) and there were old mattresses on the floor. The lady began telling this story about some other people who lived there and told me not to sleep on the mattresses because that is where they died. Then in a flash I could see the people burning alive on the mattresses. I screamed to get the mattresses out of the house. This is where I knew that my parents were there (probably because they are always there to help me out). Everyone was kinda stunned, I think, and I had to scream that I could see the people burning (meaning, I don't think everyone else could). Finally the mattresses and the crazy lady were gone. I was shaking and feeling a little crazy myself when I began trying to ask my parents (who were still stunned) if the lady was just telling me about it or telling me about how she did it. When I really realized she had been the one to set fire to those unnamed mattress folks, is about when I woke up. See what I mean about intense? So, I kept myself awake for awhile. Once I finally went back to sleep it was time to get up. I'm so tired. Maybe I can catch a non-fire related cat nap before my big Bowl for Kids Sake outing tonight.

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