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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh My Osaka!

Oh my, oh my, oh my! Ironically, the dirty martini was the low point of the entire evening. I was SO looking forward to it too. It was sweet. On what planet is a dirty martini sweet? It is supposed to be vodka and olive juice. Maybe Japanese olives are sweet and I'm just out of the loop. At least I know not to get so excited by the prospect of the martinis there. Some of my dinner companions had a Japanese beer that looked pretty tasty. I think next time I'll try that. Everything else was fantastic. And then some. Our chef was funny, he threw egg at our faces, lit things on fire, and made an onion inferno. What more could you ask for from a chef standing two feet in front of you?

(Our chef cookin')

Well, I could ask that he not cook shell fish with the regular food. About halfway through the cooking process I was a little concerned about the allergy kicking in from eating chicken cooked in shell fish juices, but I have not passed away yet. I think next time I would mention it ahead of time. This was my first experience in this sort of setting and with the new allergy, it just didn't cross my mind.

(Me enjoying the soup)

We had a tasty broth soup, salad with tangy dressing, noodles and rice, veggies, and I ordered the veggies and chicken. It was all just beyond tasty. I even managed to eat with my chop sticks (gold star for me)! And they kept piling the food on our plates. I had so much food, I hauled a heap of it home with me. I just enjoyed some leftovers and still have enough for another meal. I consider myself lucky to have gotten this great experience at a new restaurant. Now I want people to come visit me, so I can share it with everyone else!

(Photos courtesy of Kim Whittington's mobile uploads)

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