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Thursday, March 18, 2010

On Her Way!

I've gotten word that MAP is on her way! So exciting!

Of course she experienced some sort of car trouble that delayed her leaving Wisconsin, but she says the car is safe for travel now. I hope so. I also had to remind her that texting while driving is illegal in Illinois and she asked if it was illegal to talk on the phone. Maybe some Illinoisians can help me out with that one. I've heard conflicting reports thus far.

My understanding of the texting law was that it also prohibited talking on the phone in school zones. Now why would that be the case unless it currently wasn't illegal to talk and drive? And if it was illegal to talk and drive already, why would the new law include that school zone stipulation. Following me? I'm confused and decided I can just do whatever I want.

The point is that MAP will be here in a short six and a half hours! I'm very much looking forward to some Buffalo Wild (boneless) Wings and trivia tonight. My fun-filled weekend is about to begin!

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