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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Adventure

A friend asked me out on a little Illinois adventure Saturday. It was fun tagging along on someone else's adventure for once.

We travelled east to Mt. Zion to check out a little shop she wanted to see and had lunch at a shiny diner we just couldn't pass up. Needing a little more of the crafties fix, we headed further down the road to Sullivan, where we spent a good deal of time at Briarwood. It was a lovely shop apart from the bowls of fake cereal, soup, and such stashed on the shelves around the merchandise. Seriously? It was like someone left her dirty dishes lying around. Is that supposed to make me want to buy stuff or clean your store?

Anyhoo, travelling back west proved challenging. We ended up taking a succession of county roads. After 40 minutes and a few tense moments, the iphone's blue dot showed us arriving at Lisa's Antique Mall. Without that trusty device, I feel as though people wouldn't even have known those roads existed (or how to find them).

I finished up my trip with a few small purchases. I found a teal ceramic bird for my porch, a sleigh in the 70/71 Lenox christmas pattern, and a yellow beaded necklace.

As if my day of fun wasn't fun enough, I ended up ordering in Chinese food, heading out to the movie theatre to catch Robin Hood, and taking a tour of Springfield's finest 3am bars. Why oh why is Franny's not open until 3am with my favorite bartender working when I need her (and an Irish car bomb)?
Still... Overall a fantastic weekend.

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