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Monday, May 2, 2011

Jet Setting

So, I started my Saturday with a drive to the Peoria airport. (I think I can still remember where I parked). After a quick stop in Chicago, I was landing at MSP by 1 pm.

Kohlrabi picked me up from the airport and we proceeded to run a few errands. By 5:30 pm we were heading out of the city all gussied up for a good time. We arrived at Cedarhurst mansion just before our car load of friends from the south.

We navigated the muddy driveway (some of us in heels) and made it inside in time to drop off our gifts and find our seats within the cozy hall.

Apparently the wedding was supposed to take place in the garden, but the clouds and mud moved the whole party indoors. The place was in line with an old plantation and I took advantage of the picturesque scene to get a few shots of my friends.

After the wedding ceremony, we enjoyed champaign and appetizers on the veranda before being seated under the heaters for dinner. The wedding party was indoors, so we missed everything that happened after that. After dinner at about 9:30 pm we finally headed inside to try to catch the last of the toasts from the entryway. I thoroughly enjoyed a hot cup of coffee while others dined on desserts before we decided to leave.

It was an early night for us in Minneapolis and I'm sure a long drive home that night for our southern friends.

Kohlrabi and I made a special trip to the casino on Sunday where I paid a lot for a few hours of entertainment. We rounded off the weekend with some quality time in front of the tube and were only up late because of the big news from the President.

The long lines at the airport came really early for me, but I made it though with plenty of time to spare and rested comfortably on the plane the whole way to Chicago. Now that I'm here, I need to cool my jets for a few hours before my connecting flight to Peoria. I'm finally enjoying a Starbucks delightful treat and day-dreaming about snuggling Peanut's velvet ears.

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