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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Attempt

I haven't been feeling well the last couple of days and I'm soooo tired today. When I got home I couldn't even think about food, but quickly my thoughts turned to comfort food... and parsley.

I still have a boat load of parsley to use and mostly I use it in soup. I thought I SHOULD make soup, but what I really wanted was macaroni and cheese. I compromised by seeking out a recipe for a potato broccoli cheese soup. I had one potato in the house, and about a cup and a half of broccoli. I added celery, paprika, salt, pepper, and fresh parsley of course. I used coconut oil instead of butter, coconut milk instead of milk, and coconut flour instead of flour, but I still dumped a cup of cheese in at the end.

It was tasty enough that I gobbled it right down, but it was far from perfect. It had a grainy texture, but I think that may have just been partly due to the potato. I'd be inclined to leave it out altogether and possibly substitute with something fun like maybe red pepper.

The soup also had a sweetness. That possibility had concerned me because the coconut milk I had was vanilla. I think next time I'll get the original and perhaps that will help. You know how much I hate it when sweet things ruin my savory good times.

When it comes right down to it, I tricked myself into making me dinner even though I feel like crap. Now how soon is it acceptable to go to bed?

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