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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beep Beep Bang Bang

Orange striped barricades. Glowing wands waving back and forth directing me onward. Blurry, red tail lights winking at me in front, to the right, and left. A twenty minute detour on my way home.

It must be State Fair season.

I tasted a little fair action this morning when I went out to help banner the beer tent for the radio stations. The weather was absolutely magical. I captured a glimpse of the lighted palm trees against the deep blue sky. This has quickly become an icon of summer for me.

Unfortunately I put in a long day at the office and didn't make it back out to the fair to see the parade. By the time I was navigating my way around the fair to get home, the North side was an anthill of activity.

The street and every inch of lawn in my neighborhood was overflowing with cars. People spilled forth from the gates out into the street chitter chattering and bubbling with excitement. It wasn't long before the booming and banging started, signaling the first night of fireworks...a feature I forget about every year. I'm lucky Peanut is so laid back. I, on the other hand, am lamenting not being able to throw open my windows on this perfectly cool night, for I would be much too distracted by all the hub bub.

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