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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Day In The Life Of A Hair Model

So Day 1 was no good. Very bad, no good hair. It was about polar opposite of hair model. In the morning I had to rinse out the overnight treatment, so I thought I might as well dive into the new hair product. I usually don't wash my hair the morning after dying it, so that was my first mistake.

I just thought it was supposed to be a wonder product, so what is the harm, right? Well my hair turned incredibly dry and brittle. My hair is sensitive and needs lots of tlc. So it was so bad I wanted to hide my hair in a bun. But I persevered with the help of a little libation. A few drinks have an amazing way of helping you forget all about your crappy hair.

Day 2. Much better. I did the whole saturating the hair, leaving it on long enough, and using the styling product. Then I did not straighten my hair. That helps. I let it air dry. It was fabulously soft and fragrently fantastic. But it was still frizzy. It feels amazing, though, so I have high hopes for Day 3.

I'm going to tame this crazy hair if it kills me. Let's hope it doesn't and I just end up with great hair. The American dream of the millennium.

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