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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Little Wining

I'm sitting on the porch sipping on a glass of red wine. It was late, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Parmesan Cube Steak dinner on my porch. Crickets are chirping, the cicadas are sleeping, and Peanut is standing by the door to watch all the action. My biggest complaint right now would be the country act on the Grandstand that is ruining my good time. I may just see if I can catch a glimpse of the fireworks tonight.

My Friday overnight guest and I headed out Saturday morning for breakfast, so after that I hit up a few grocery stores. It isn't a frequent occurence for me to be out and about on a Saturday.

I popped into Food Fantasies finally to stock up on coconut and almond flour as well as coconut oil. I even found soap, I had forgotten I needed. On my way back north, I hit up the southside version of my normal grocery store to use up a few of those free Driscoll's coupons. I need to get as many as I can while the organic berries are in season. Absolutely delish. That is also where a bottle of red, red wine slipped into my bag. Oops!

I made homemade pizza (it's been awhile!) on Saturday night to enjoy with my wine. Luckily there were a few glasses left to compliment my porch time tonight.

All in all, a fun and relaxing weekend, but I keep thinking about the poor people in Indiana that were killed or injured in the rigging collapse at the State Fair there. It's strange the things that don't touch you personally, but still affect you deeply. It is the parallels we see in our own lives that connect us to people we don't know and will never meet.

I'm sitting on my porch listening to the screams of joy for the country act playing on the Grandstand and I'm thankful for them tonight.

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