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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Secrets To Success

Let me tell you the secret to success with Wen. It is the leave-in conditioner. I can almost guarantee it! After trying out the product, my hair is WAY softer when I use a little of the product as a leave-in conditioner. This may be in part because my hair is so unwieldy, but this is my observation. So make your Wen purchases with confidence, just remember to leave in the conditioner!

In other successful news, it turns out people in Springfield ARE looking for jobs and they are quick to latch onto this whole Drive Thru Job Fair concept. They lined up, one by one, to drive through a parking lot to pick up job information from local employers! With the afternoon sun glaring off the windshields, the drivers really did remain anonymous in their endeavors to find a new job. So many people came through that we ran out of job information long before we ran out of cars. Here's hoping we can help more people find jobs next time around!

Luckily people can still get the information at Good luck folks!

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