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Monday, December 2, 2013

Another Chalk Paint Beauty

This lovely table made it into the I Hate The iPhone post as an in-progress picture (from the back). This guy has been sitting around for quite awhile because I didn't like the brass hardware. I loved the shape and style, though, so I painted it espresso...which I hated. 
So it sat around. I tried another painting technique over the brown, which didn't work. And it sat around some more. Then I boiled the hardware... strip the paint and started all over with white spray paint.
Then I scuffed it with sandpaper to reveal bits of the original metal color. And that I loved. It was finally ready for it's new forever home.

I hauled it to Savvy Home Consignments and someone super lucky scooped it up right away. It was a beautiful, solid piece that I would have loved to keep if I had all the space in the world to store furniture.
Photo from Savvy Home Consignments.

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