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Friday, January 10, 2014

Sharing More Beauties

Although I finished these months ago, I don’t believe I’ve shared them yet. I was at a standstill for production because the house was filling up quickly with finished projects and nowhere to sell them. Now that I’m displaying items at Thrifty Pickin’s* in Coon Valley, I’m clearing out the basement and garage!

*Chairs currently available at Savvy Home Consignments.

These chrome frame chairs are really heavy duty and comfortable. I secretly hope nobody buys them so I can bring them back home again.  The fabric reminds me of a Frank Lloyd Wright print. I’m really in love with everything about them. And I had two so you can see the before and after in the picture, but they have both been finished now to match. No more ripped orange fabric.

The grey tables (SOLD) I picked up at two different locations and was super excited to find a matching pair. Of course I’m in love with...
...the dark grey. These are also finished with a black antiqued glaze and they have a poly coat on the top to protect the surface.

I also managed to fit into my car the antique desk chair in distressed black and a box full of smaller pieces like my milk glass lamp, trays, shelves, and mirrors. So many fun things in that store. I hope they keep making room for me! 

I’m going to work on finishing some valentine’s ornaments over the weekend and hope to have pictures to share with you when they are finished. I’ve been stitching away at them each night at play practice and they tickle me pink. Come back next week for the reveal.

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