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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Work In Progress

Thrifty Pickin's was kind enough to gift me this broken down dresser. It was missing all but the bottom drawer. I forgot to get the picture until I already started working on it... par for the course.  But this picture does show some of the beautiful wood grain contact paper I stripped from this old dresser's lovely bones.
Whew! Was that ever way too much work! I might be inclined to never do that again. But once it was off and sanded down, I could begin working on restructuring. I knew I wanted to make this into a bar... because bars are quickly becoming my forte.  :) So I figured the top drawer support should go, but the second one would be a good height to set drinks and bottles and things.

So here she is with the pallet wood cut to fit the top shelf. The smaller one below seems like the ideal place for horizontal bottle storage, but I didn't want things to fall through to the drawer below, so I cut a piece of Masonite to fit that shelf. 
 A quick before and during photo.
And then after purchasing a couple of hole saws (I think I settled on 3 5/8" and 1 3/8") I began to tackle the bottle supports last night. Those things are super great! They would be even better on a drill press which nobody has given to me yet. I'm not quite sure why, because I would like one! So, long story, short, the drill died and I needed to do a battery charge before tackling the bottle neck support.

I'm so excited how this is shaping up. Once all the pallet wood construction is completed, I'm going to paint the interior and exterior before actually attaching the wood. But I believe the painting part will move quickly and before you know it, the piece will be a one-of-a-kind beauty! Stay tuned!

Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Been Awhile!

It's been ages since I posted a before and after picture! I worked on this chair this weekend for my aunt.

The new fabric I actually picked up last summer at the local thrift store. It is a portion of a drapery panel. I love finding (and finally using) an interesting, repurposed fabric!

This last week I also completed this lovely leather topped coffee table. A friend passed it along to me and I immediately saw it dressed in a classy black. She turned out beautifully and has already gone to her forever home!

This DIY 2x4 table was at the thrift store hiding under a horrible mauve faux painting technique. Eesh! Black classes it up a bit. The addition of pallet wood on the bottom keeps bottles corralled safely and glasses holders under the top make drink time easier than ever! I think it's still available at Thrifty Pickin's.

Then this weekend we had guests at the house, so I finished up this wind chime while chatting. I love it so much I've already picked up supplies for a few more. This one is pretty much sold.

Tonight I cleaned and glued furniture in preparation for the week. Let the madness begin again!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

I've been busy in my workshop encouraging Spring's arrival with a splash of color here and there. Actually, as I packed my car last night full of items to haul to Thrifty Pickin's, I noticed everything was the same color.
I tend to do that when I mix up chalk paint because with the plaster of paris in the paint, it will harden and won't keep very long. On a bright note, everything is.... well... bright!
I did sneak in a lime green chair with a little teal flower detail. These two beauties intended for the garden have already been delivered and snatched up. Hopefully I'll find more chairs to gardenize as the weather continues to blossom.
This cute little magazine rack just had to be teal. If you've got a retro piece like this I just feel like that is the way to go! She's heading down to Thrifty Pickin's next week after the store gets moved over to the main drag!

But the biggest recent accomplishment in the workshop was completing my retro ironing board. You can tell by the before picture that I purchased it long, long ago when the grass was greener. 

I thoroughly enjoy the label, so I had to preserve it... with a photograph. It didn't survive the repurposing treatment. I stripped it off along with the white paint. I spray painted the legs black gloss to revitalize them. Then I got to work staining the top. I had this idea that it should be stained wood.  

Well, one thing led to another and I was not happy with it. The ironing board was folded up and stuffed into the back of the garage until the snow started to fly. Then it was hauled down to the basement to wait for spring when I could strip it and start over. Ugh!

Well, upon reflection (and a suggestion), I decided that painting furniture was my thing. Who knew?! I happened to have this funky fun teal color on hand and an ironing board waiting for a transformation. And the rest, my friends, is history. All it took was a little sanding to bring out that beautiful stained wood color beneath the paint, a couple coats of poly and she's done. Just like that.
Some day I will regret selling this one. Some day when I have a home with a beautiful patio and I have a few guests over for a casual gathering and I'm wishing I had a place to set the bottle of wine as I open it. And what's that? Glasses hanging at the ready for a long pour and a towel to mop up those inevitable spills. Not that they'll damage the surface with that protective poly... okay.. I need to stop dreaming!


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