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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Yesterday the sales support staff took a field trip to a brat fry benefiting the 95.7 The Rock Foundation. The brats were delicious and our eyes were the new diet Pepsi MAX Invigorating Cola. This perky new beverage has upped levels of caffeine and a bonus shot of ginseng. GOOD TIMES. GOOD TIMES. GOOD TIMES. Seeing as though it is Free Food Wednesday here at the office and we had leftover brats (AND DIET PEPSI MAX) from the benefit, we had a delicious lunch (AND I HAD TWO DIET PEPSI MAX COLAS). That stuff sure is invigorating! Heck yes! I got a call from a client and had to consciously think about slowing down my speech. I wish it weren't a meeting afternoon. I'll probably be crawling out of my skin by then and/or pee my pants. Wish me luck. Until then, I'm going to get four hundred and thirty-seven projects done. Factoid from Pepsi research for their Diet Pepsi Max yawn campaign: "About one in five respondents (18 percent) has faked a yawn to get out of a conversation."

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