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Thursday, July 26, 2007

It Is Official

After a pretty crappy call-back last night, I was still cast in Mame at LCCT! I've got a part as one of the party guests, which probably means a lot of singing and dancing and moving scenery. And last night I was contemplating forgetting about musicals all together! They really aren't my forte, but maybe I can be taught. I plan to make the most of this experience and learn all I can from my director and musical director. The good news about this small part is that I have hopes that August may provide me with a few nights off from rehearsals. That would give me a few weeks to rest up from the last show...and have some summertastic fun too! I'm thinking I should position myself on the party deck for at least one more Loggers game. I would also like to find my way over to the races once. I haven't made it yet this year and found out that the fall favorite, Eve of Destruction, will be the same evening as a Mame performance. There are also Wine Guyz wine cruises and a karaoke cruise on the Mississippi that sound intriguing. So much to do. Before I know it the leaves will be changing!

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