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Monday, July 9, 2007

An All-American, Star Spangled Week

I had an all-american week. Most people would call it a "bender." It was a holiday week, what can you expect? I had two doses of fireworks: one experience on the water and one from Top Shots. I volunteered down at the big Riverfestival. I sampled some of the food and beverage fare and then I sampled some more. I had an all american picnic as well as an all american baseball game including a photo op with Louis the Logger (thanks to the pure evilness that set that one up). It was a super slam bam event-filled week and I think I'm ready to shake it off and move forward.

This week began with scorching hot temperatures. Peanut appreciated a cool-down bath on Sunday night before I headed to the bar for a cool retreat. I had to ask the bartender to turn up the frostiness when I got there. Luckily by the time she kicked us all out of the bar, the temps were back down to a cooler level. That and the alcohol helped gently rock me to sleep on my last free night before letting the holiday week go.

This week will prove to be a challenge. At rehearsal, we are supposed to have lines memorized and I have still haven't really put any effort into that. I think it is a sign that I could care less. On the homefront, my family is all rallying to help the Holmen Branch with their impending housewarming/30th birthday party on Saturday. It couldn't come at a better time...during the show and all. All I have to say is that my sister should be used to having her birthday when everyone is too distracted with the play to notice. It has just been awhile since she's been around to feel the pain. We still love you and you will get through it, sweety. Heck, you may even decide, sometime in the far-off future, to have another party. Maybe for your 60th?

I'm hoping for a quiet week in preparation for the grand Catfish Days weekend.

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