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Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Favorite

Last night I dined at the fairly new Dublin Pub at Vinegar Hill. I have been to the original Dublin Pub one time and although the food was good, the crowds and atmosphere left something to be desired. I hoped the atmosphere was better in the old renovated building of the new location and boy did it ever deliver!

The restaurant has an airy feel in the large space with high ceilings. There was a small band playing in the bar area, which looked cozy between the pillars and lower ceiling structure there.

I was feeling a little french dip so I ordered the Dublin Dip with mushrooms, peppers, and mozerella. I can't begin to describe how beautiful it looked when served to me. It was really beyond my expectation and it tasted better than it looked! The sandwich was served with pub chips, and can you really ever go wrong there?

On the way in I noticed an outdoor patio. Upon inquiry, the super-friendly waitress said it isn't ready for outdoor dining yet, but should be in two weeks. I told her I'd be back!

The only drawback to the lofty ceilings and tiled floors was the noise factor. The band added to the noise level, but it was echoey and noisy when they weren't playing as well. Still, all in all, a fantastic dining experience!

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