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Monday, January 9, 2012

Clean Sweep

I just cleaned out my recipe box. All those must try, must keep, sentimental recipes are out. Okay-most of them. There was a pile of sentimental recipes I can't part with like my grandma's red velvet cake and turtle cake recipes. Those are going in the back.

Now I just need a new recipe box and some little organizer divider thingies. Or better yet, I should get crackin' on that cookbook design and start popping my recipes into a digital file. Wouldn't that be lovely?

So Whole 30 Day 8 went well. As I was wrastling my fitted sheet onto my featherbed, sprawled across the bed to hold the other corners down as I tucked the last corner under, I realized I'm feeling pretty energetic.

After a long, busy day of work I came home to get several loads of laundry done, the bathroom cleaned, and started the post-holidays decluttering. Oh, and changed my sheets. I still have a few things to wrap up, but then I'm hoping my upswing day leads to a good night sleep.

Feeling the clean sweep!

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