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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crab Monster!

I was a crab monster today for shizzle. Yeah, I can say things like that when I'm crabby.

I had delightful well-planned food today. Eggs for breakfast (in the car), apple with almond butter, chicken salad, celery with olive tapenade, and a tasty piece of lemon and parsley seasoned tilapia. All super yum, so no complaints there.

I got home from the wedding show model auditions early today, so I decided to slice up a sweet potato for baked fries. Just a little salt, pepper, and red pepper makes for tasty carbs! Disappointed with the realization of no ketchup, I googled a paleo ketchup recipe and 40 minutes later I was enjoying my fries with a kicky little tomato sauce. I love realizing it's easier and more convenient to make something that is good for you! Yay me!

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