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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Glitzy Glamorous Workin' Girl

Another work-filled weekend bites the dust. I finished up pre-event stuff. We're so close now, this week will be a whole new set of to-dos.

Let's start with the banner I need to drop off at the sign company tomorrow morning for relogoing. Did I forget it at work? I sure did. I was so excited to reward myself with this shiny jewelry armoire, I forgot to grab the damn banner on my way out the door tonight. Tomorrow will start extra early with a trip into work, back into town, then back to work. I'm brilliant!

But let's focus on the glass half full here. I purchased an awesome armoire! I saw it yesterday when I stopped into TJ Maxx to look for a knife set and I couldn't stop thinking about it! I had also decided I could use another one of those impulse buy drawer dividers, so I had to go back!

Now my underthings are all organized in pretty little dividers and my jewelry is all tucked away, but within reach. Yesterday I also picked up a hanging sweater organizer, which was installed just in the nick of time before I was avalanched into my closet never to be heard from again!

Tonight I hauled the winter tote up the stairs and sprinkled a little fiery winter onto my decor. The house was feeling empty since Christmas packed up and moved out. Now, little red snowflakes dance from my curtain rods, penguins and snowmen adorn shelves, and a steely heart or two signal the coming of Valentine's Day.

All in all, I pretty successful weekend.

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