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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

There's nothing like your name in lights or chiseled into ice!

All of the work of January unfolded today at the center starting early at seven. I set five alarms this morning to get my butt out of bed before dawn. Once my feet hit the concrete time began to fly.

A trip backstage. A trip to the bridal check in. A trip backstage. A trip through the expo. Back and forth and back and forth. So much preparation comes down to such a quick time in the scheme of things.

Everything ran so smoothly, the brides bubbled with excitement and the vendors buzzed with anticipation. And as the lights faded from all that lace and icing, mama purchased a new lunch bag from one of the vendors. I've finally got a lunch bag (on the way) that will coordinate with my kitchen when not in use. I know I'm a dork.

I'm excited for this weekend to come to an early conclusion. All that running has left this old baby pretty achy. Yowsa! I have a bad feeling it will be worse tomorrow. So goodnight to another fantastic event. We'll see ya next year!

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