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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Slowly But Surely

Tonight after a long day, I somehow managed to motivate. It wasn't until about nine o'clock, so once again I'm up too late and will probably be tired again tomorrow. I'm on an evil, wacked out sleep schedule I can't seem to break.

But the good news is that I stowed away two totes of holiday decorations. All the little nick nack ornament paddy wacks are tucked safely away until next year. Mostly. I've already found a few things I missed. So it goes.

Tomorrow my agenda includes washing the holiday linens and things to get packed away and possibly taking down the greenery swags and tree. They were the first up and will be the last down. I just hate to say goodbye to those twinkly little white lights.

I am already breathing a sigh of relief to less clutter. Once I finally close the door on the old holiday storage closet, my decluttering spirit may need to find other areas in the home to turn its focus.

I've still got twenty-one days of no drinking ahead of me on this Whole 30 routine, so I should have plenty of time, money, and energy to dedicate to the cause!

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