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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Tale Of Two Cars

So yesterday I put in a long work day. January has been particularly busy with an event coming up and being short-staffed again. I just needed to finish "one more thing," which usually turns into ten more things.

By the time I was packing it in for the night, everyone else had already left. I locked up all the doors, switched off all the lights, and ventured across the dark, empty lot to my lonely car.

I hopped in, shut the door, started it... not noticing anything out of the ordinary. I backed out of my stall and as the car lurched forward, my driver's side door fell open. WTF?

I attempted to slam it shut again and it bounced back open. I stopped the car and got out to inspect. It turns out the little hooky mechanism in the door that latches onto the metal bar thingy was stuck open. With a few clicks of my remote I could see it wasn't moving. I squished my finger in there and managed to move the hooky thing, so then it prevented the door from closing at all.


Luckily I work for a company with multiple extra vehicles lying around. Not the one I wanted, mind you, because another coworker was having some car troubles as well and already took the first choice company loaner car. My choices were the child molester van or the hopped up Cruiser. I went with the Cruiser, but's so big! The children were lucky not to have been "accidentally" run over with me behind the wheel of that thing!

Then, as if a girl wasn't pretty lucky just to get a loaner car, I also got my car fixed today! I mentioned it to our engineer who promptly took a look at it, determined it had been frozen, and WD40'd it good as new. By nine I was back to just worrying about everyday stuff.

I've got a great job! And I was the coolest kid on the block last night cruisin' in my gigantor Cruiser!

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