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Thursday, January 5, 2012


What day are we on? Four?! You've got to be kidding me right?

After four days of Whole 30, I can say that I'm crabby most of the time with constant headaches-and not your everyday headaches, but your really debilitating, need to take meds, can't focus headaches. Oh right, and I have absolutely no focus. Did I mention I have no focus?

Also my four days without gluten have had absolutely no affect on my horrific allergies. I ran out of allergy meds about six days ago, so I decided to let it ride. I thought I'd only take the meds if I felt I really needed them. I REALLY need them! I think the constant sneeze fest is making me the most crabby.

Other than that, I'm doing great! I'm running out of food, but I'm so glad to be out of my throwing away food because it spoiled before I did anything with it phase. THAT was getting old! I'd much rather be shelling out cash for good food when I'm actually benefitting from it.

I'm going to have to scrounge up a few new menu ideas for next week as well. Can't get bored!

Other than that, I plan to spend my weekend reorganizing my kitchen. Stay tuned. We're in for an overhaul!

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  1. Your allergies should get better. Chuck's seasonal allergies are almost non-existant. What kind of recipes are you looking for? Chicken? Beef? Let me know. I can hook you up.



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