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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sunshine Hour

I'm tired. It was another four-hour night sleep. I think it is beginning to affect me. I do feel much better than I did yesterday mostly due to what a pain it was to try to get alcohol and see the concert last night at the La Crosse Center. However, if it isn't one thing, it's more drinking. I forgot that today is the inaugural Sunshine Hour at The Landing on the Mississippi. Luckily the sun is chasing the clouds away. It is absolutely beautiful out this afternoon. Let's hope the weather holds out for Sunshine Hour. It just wouldn't be the same with rain. Man it has been a long week for a short week! I foresee a laid back weekend. I have a movie waiting for me at home and Peanut asked if we could spend some Mommy and Me time snuggling. Maybe that will be my forecast for Friday. Relaxation with a 98% chance of snuggling.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

95.7 The Rock Presents...

Buckcherry at the La Crosse Center tonight. Why didn't I just plan to go to the concert? As it turns out, I was out way too late last night. I slept in for a grand total of four hours of sleep. And then they announced we had extra tickets to the show tonight. How can I pass that up? I think I need to go home and catch a little catnap before the show. We had a few cocktails during the baby shower today and then at 4pm, one of the opening bands, Blackstone Cherry, played an acoustic set in the radio building. The vibe here is definitely that of a party day in elementary school. The kind of party day where all the kids are squirrly in anticipation until they get hopped up on surgary treats and sit around buzzing. Ah...good times. The only difference is that buzzing means something completely different as an adult. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bubbly Boobly

I was just blowing bubbles and the more bubbles that floated across my desk and broke, the slipperier my desk began to look. It reminded me of that time when I was about five years old when my mom was in the shower and my sister and I decided to crawl up on the kitchen counter in order to dig through the cabinets above (where the bubbles were housed).

As we stood on the counter and blew bubbles, we did not take into account the slippery factor that I now recognize as an adult. We got that counter good and slippery and then tried to move. Bad idea. That was the day that I split my lip open. I needed stitches and my lip has been scarred ever since. It was quite the tragic bubble accident.

On a more recent note, I was super-rock-star productive this weekend! I not only did some yard work for my parents, I got most of mine done as well. I've got annuals in, the leaves off the roses, bushes pruned, and new roses ready to grow up onto the new trellis. The next big project will be getting those hedges in...probably next weekend. You should have seen the haul of yard debris I packed into the back of my little Beetle. I just keep thinking of all the bugs that are probably setting up shop in my car.

And speaking of bugs, I killed about a million box elder bugs last Friday. There were swarms and swarms of the little rat bastards on the side of my house. I recognized the little spotless red buggers from the few I had murdered in my house already. I went into the basement hunting for all those yard chemicals my grandfather had (when the lawn was well maintained) and found a heavy bottle of Ortho bug killer. I mixed up a big batch and poured it along the foundation. As most of the little guys washed away to die in the leaves below, some attempted to crawl up and out of the fumes. I responded with an "I'm sorry. Today everybody dies." and poured more poison on them. Is that wrong? As of yesterday, my foundation looked free and clear of bugs. Oh happy day!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Big Burgers, Big Drinks

Yesterday I finally got that big, juicy burger I've been craving. I went down to Hungry Point and it was DELICIOUS. I don't think I've eaten there since I lived in Tremp City. It has been awhile. Good stuff, got stuffed. Then we did a little backyard hanging out and drinking at Sherman's. It started out with just the three of us and when it became a huge gathering, the crazy conversation collage was on. As darkness was creeping up, we disbanded and agreed to reconvene at Blues Bash.

Somehow all of my friends got bombed. I decided to step up my beer game with a little Captain and Diet Coke. The first one tasted so magnificent that I had a second. When we abruptly decided to go up the street to another bar and I slammed it. I followed up with a beer at the next bar and it didn't take too long to realize I was done for the evening. I trekked back to Sherman's where Sam had a campfire going. I only enjoyed a few minutes of it before I headed inside to "rest." It was a short night in Tremp City for me.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Long Road Ahead

My Memorial Day weekend will begin today at noon. Some of the work guys are grilling brats outside and then we have the afternoon off. I hope there is a beer coming with the brat. What could be better? I have no plans after that. I guess we'll see which way the wind carries me. Tomorrow is the Blues Bash at the Trempealeau Hotel. As long as it doesn't rain, my friends and I will be living out our regrets from Reggae Fest. I want to hang out on the deck at Sherman's house and listen to the tunes. Maybe we'll even break out some yard games and/or fire. Yeah... fire. Oh, and we may go over to the Hotel for some hands-on experience. I'm looking forward to that as well. There have been rumors of more fire and food at the Holmen Branch on Sunday. Plans still need a little firming, but I think it has been two weeks since I've seen them, so it sounds promising. I received the first wave of shrubbery from Michigan Bulb Co, so I called Digger's Hotline the other day and I am not allowed to start my digging until next Wednesday. I guess that rules out a lot of yard work for me over the weekend. I'm excited to see where the weekend will take me. It's going to be a long road ahead. I'd better pack an overnight bag.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bliggity Bloggity Boo

There is a Cherished Teddies figurine for sale at fashioned to look like the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. I want it. Why is it that I'm even drawn to the little, silly bear figurines? It is so not like me and yet it must be, because I'm drawn to them! They're just so tiny and cute and crafty. I have nowhere in my house that they really belong, though. So, why then should I buy them? I shouldn't. Or maybe I'll just get one.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More To Do

A quote from Illusions, "Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you're alive, it isn't." I woke up today with more to do. Thank goodness! Last night I hung the mirror at the end of the hall. How come even though I use a laser level, measure, and figure the distance between the two hooks, whatever I'm hanging always turns out to be just a little bit askew? I'm blaming the drill. I will not accept that everything I touch is a little bit askew. NO. I'm taking the afternoon off to go sign for my new kitchen floor! I'm so excited to see it in person. All the reviews were great, so I have high hopes. I have an installation date set for June 16th and I can hardly wait! It has been a domino effect, though. After replacing the couch, and coffee table, and painting, and getting new flooring, I just want to replace everything else! Patience, I guess. I'll practice patience.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Got Stripes

Stripes around my bathroom! I removed the tape last night to reveal beautiful black, glossy stripes. They just needed a little (two and a half hours) of pink paint touch up. I think they are worth every leg ache and foot pain from standing sideways on the ladder that long. Just wait 'til you see them! Hopefully I'll get a digital camera in my house in the near future and get a picture up online. Tonight I'll be putting my bathroom back together to reveal the finished product. Now all I need is to pick out that new flooring! The end of the hallway also received an attempted conclusion to the end of the project. I removed the tape, touched up paint, and got out the cordless drill to set anchors and hang my new mirror. Apparently my battery charger is not working and I had no juice. My dad is lending me his drill tonight, so... soon grasshopper. My dad is also coming over tonight to haul away my beloved chair-and-a-half to the Holmen Branch. More space for me! My new end tables are supposed to be in soon, so I'll be getting rid of my old, clunky end table trunks any day now. It is large item pick-up week, so the old coffee table is being kicked to the curb as well. I think I'll be making a call to a furniture restorer to talk rockers. The only thing left for the living room is new curtains. I'm on it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Snuggly, Snuggly Little Puppy

It turned out to be a relaxing and productive weekend! Who knew you could do that? After Friday night fish with my family, my mom and I folded those 170 audition letters. I snuggled on the couch with Peanut to watch The Whole Ten Yards, which was mildly amusing, but had the same plot as the original movie. A good Friday night, hungover and can't go out movie choice. I got it back in the mail Saturday, so hopefully I'll have a new selection by Tuesday.

Saturday I got up and mowed the lawn before Big Bikes for Little Tikes. Then I headed down to the southside Oktoberfest grounds to sell some beer tickets in the stinky ticket hut. Good times. I enjoyed a delicious frozen coffee from Peaberry's followed closely by a delicious malted beverage. Caffeine and beer... my two weaknesses. I mean, two of my weaknesses.

On my way home from BBLT, I stopped into the Home Depot for a hedge trimmer and weed wacker. Can I just say... Why do they have self checkouts if the attendant needs to come over to approve every sale? You think when I'm buying a whole three items for over $150, they could afford to pay a cashier. Pisses me off. That is all for that. I was luckily able to shake the incident off by drinking beer and staring into the flickering light of a campfire. One of my favorite pastimes!

Sunday I intended to do more yard work, but it was cold and crappy out. Peanut and I opted to snuggle and watch another movie. Once I got a little motivation, I actually got some cleaning done around the house. I also managed to paint the end of my hallway black. Tonight I will hang that mirror. I also taped off stripes around my bathroom and painted those black. I've only been meaning to do that for about a year and a half, so that feels super-great to have the project almost done. I just need to paint one more coat and then pray that the paint doesn't peel off when I remove the tape. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Closing Time

We closed the office at 2pm. Needless to say, I'm still at work doing some donation work for the local theatre. We need to get audition letters out, so I'm printing those--about 170 of them. Then they needed award certificates to give away to scholarship winners. And in the discussions about certificates, posters were mentioned. Posters? Nobody asked me to make posters. I guess I'm making posters. That is okay, I didn't need a nap this afternoon anyhow. But I do!

The exciting thing is that I don't have any plans for the weekend except to sell beer tickets at the 95.7 The Rock Big Bikes for Little Tikes event on Saturday afternoon for about two hours. I can totally handle that! Maybe I'll get some yard work done! Or I could watch that Neflix movie I didn't get to last night because I was dragged out on the town all night. Or I could paint the wall in my hallway and hang that mirror. The possibilities are endless!

I ordered hedges for my back yard, long-awaited privacy FINALLY. I'm so excited for those to come. Then I'll have to get them in the ground to start growing my secret fortress. Then I could actually sit in my backyard and relax. Wouldn't that be nice? Isn't that what backyards are for? A lot of questions for a hungover Friday afternoon. I think it's time to go home.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wanted Dead or Alive

I need to attach a tag to myself that reads "If found, please call..." Just in case. Last night was a long, rambling night that began with a few glasses of wine with co-workers at 4pm. Thanks for shutting down the office for cocktails! Love it. Also love The Wine Guyz. They had specials on meat and cheese plates during the remote broadcast, so I indulged. Thanks, Ken, for picking up the tab!

We met up with a friend and headed to The Helm for their weekly drawing. Although she didn't win the big jackpot drawing, somebody did. And he was generous with the other patrons in the bar. We even got in an extraordinarily long game of darts that ended with me winning because I had the most points when we reached the round limit. Yay for me!

After that it gets, hazy, so excuse the vague details. The Helm, Animal House, Longhorns (I think this is where I have a blackout to protect my mind from the horrors of the country bar and country karaoke and dancing friends), Perkins.

I woke up this morning thinking, "What did I eat last night?" Oh the tragedy! It doesn't count if I don't remember, right? I'm still working on the blackout for that. Well, I guess I had a smash-bang start to unravelling all that I accomplished on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cheers! And Talking Skulls

The funniest part for me on the above link is that America says "Cheers" except in Wisconsin. Seriously? Of all the country we are the exception? I say "cheers!" I'm from Wisconsin. So I say "Prost" on occasion too... so what!

I've been looking forward to today for at least two days (I was on the juice again). I'm ready for a cocktail to undo all the work I did over the last two days. I'm feeling less stressed just thinking about it. Ah... wine. The Wine Guyz... now that's good wine!

So, I was looking for a quote from the skull from The Last Unicorn and stumbled across this one:

"When I was alive, I believed--as you do--that time was at least as real and solid as myself, and probably more so. I said 'one o'clock' as though I could see it, and 'Monday' as though I could find it on the map; and I let myself be hurried along from minute to minute, day to day, year to year, as though I were actually moving from one place to another. Like everyone else, I lived in a house bricked up with seconds and minutes, weekends and New Year's Days, and I never went outside until I died, because there was no other door. Now I know that I could have walked through the walls." -The Skull

It really seems to fit what I was reading last night in the Illusions book I've been working on. I love when things start fitting together like puzzle pieces. Zum Wohl!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Quiet Day In Antarctica

It is a quiet day here at the office. Not a lot of company or activity around here. It is frostier than Antarctica, though. So, at least if that supposed bomb down the street goes off ( and nobody comes back to find us, our parts will probably be preserved in the ice. Good times. Is that a flip flop? No, that can't be her. Wish us luck today!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Chess Anyone?

Yesterday provided a calm winding down from the activities of the weekend. My sister had my mom and dad and me over for lunch for Mother's Day. My dad grilled steaks and I brought a tasty bottle of Argentine Beef. Surprisingly enough, it goes great with steak! After lounging for awhile, I went online to purchase my kitchen flooring. Although my kitchen is smaller than my living room, the flooring I picked out costs twice as much and I ended up paying a lot more for my kitchen. All the reviews said it was fabulous, though. Here's hoping! I have thirteen boxes of Dupont Black and White Chess Slate Laminate flooring ordered and on its way.
I may need to schedule another flooring installation date with my most wonderful flooring-installer friend! This one supposedly has the underlayment attached, so I assume it will be super-easy installation over the old vinyl. After picking up my Peanut Sunday evening, we headed back to the West Salem Branch for some more relaxation. For me that turned into a nap on the couch and then a viewing of my latest Netflix delivery, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Have I ever mentioned that I hate Sandra Bullock? Ugh. I did enjoy the flashbacks...shocker.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reggae Rainsplash Fest

Most of my friends began their day of drinking around noon. I decided to take a breather at home and then head to Tremp City for the Reggae Fest in the evening. I got to Bob and Joyce's about 5:30pm and cracked open my first Miller Lite. My friends were eating and trying to sober up a bit. We began a rousing game of drinking Outburst. Neither team did extraordinarily well and, like most drinking games, it played itself out. I then played a quick lawn game I've never seen before and headed over to 2nd Street where I would be spending the evening.

After throwing my bag in the guest room, we had a glass of wine on the deck overlooking the river. Then we decided to head to Rudy'z for a shot before wrist-banding up at the Hotel. It was overcast and chilly, but it didn't seem to deter people from coming out...that is... until it started raining. Drip drops at first, and then quicker drops, and before I knew it, it was pouring rain. The hippies kept on dancing, letting the rain wash away the dirt (just kidding Beth) and eventually the rain stopped and the remaining crowd finished off the show.

The night provided a bounty of beer, Walnut Burgers, reggae dancing, more beer, good friends, and quick tempers. I want it noted that my friends were done at 11pm. And boy were they done! I walked back to 2nd Street by myself and luckily Sherman was still up to talk and give me perspective. She's so good at that. Thanks, Sherman.

Friday, May 11, 2007

No Call Pub Crawl

So after being dumped on yesterday afternoon by Dave at work, I was a little stressed out. I decided I needed to join up with a pub crawl and do some unwinding. These two girls are moving and wanted to go to all the neighborhood bars one last time. We even visited my old stomping grounds at 5th and Winnebago. That place has sure changed. I liked the old, dark, seedy place I used to call home. I only made it to three bars (two with the crawl), and then crawled over to The Vibe for comedy. Unfortunately, the comedian didn't call in for his radio interview yesterday, so I got a call from the dj. That means I have to call Comedy Express to have them check up on the comedian. So far, each time it has happened, Comedy Express has not been able to get in contact with the comedian anyhow and the comedian ends up showing up. Obviously that is what I was hoping for, but I needed to check in with the dj once I got to The Vibe, make one more phone call to Comedy Express, and cross my fingers that he shows. Thank goodness he did. The overall show last night was weak. After all that I was disappointed. I needed to shake off the lousy comedy with more drinking and pool, so we headed to Top Shots. I stayed out way too late. Why can't I just go home after comedy? Be a good girl? Wait...good girl? No.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

All Quiet On The Western Front

Last night was a quiet evening. I ran home to mow my extraordinarily long lawn, fed my puppy, and headed back downtown to meet Angie for a few cold beers. She was up for a $2,000 drawing, but didn't win. We had some catching up to do and managed to stretch it out until about 12:30am. All in all, a good time was had by all. I'm sleepy. Tonight I will fulfill one of my quarterly goals for work, attending comedy at The Vibe. Since I made a goal to see two shows per month, I tried to map out when there will be comics that I haven't seen before. Tonight the headliner is Quevaughn Bryant: "With over 15 years of experience, Quevaughn's unique brand of humor has long been a favorite of audiences across the county, consistently providing a refreshing change from the comedy norm. His national television appearances include: The Jenny Jones Show, A&E's Comedy on the Road, and Politically Incorrect. This is a hilarious comedy at its best." It is such a stressful job being the comedy liaison! Luckily I get to laugh the stress away.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Outback Armageddon

I had the strangest dream this morning between snoozes. It started out with these two young girls having a fight in a parking lot...something about prom. Then they were in their cars driving around like maniacs and there were these great big snow banks they were driving up and over. I was standing on a snowbank trying to get to my car in the parking lot when somehow I offended them. I may have said something less than sweet to them about their stupid high school problems. So, the chase was on. Then they were after me. This next action portion of the dream contained all of my panic scenarios: couldn't get my key into the door to unlock it (who even does that anymore anyhow!), couldn't get the car started, tried to roll up the windows and lock the door right before they were pounding on my windows, and just peeling out of the parking lot leaving them standing in the dust. The car chase ended at some point and I was on foot again. Running to flee, but no longer fleeing the girls. It was something else. There were these moth-type bugs here and there. I ended up locking myself in a closet-sized space and when I lit a flashlight realized that the bugs were in there too. They were all over me and there were more and more and more. I tried to open the door and they were swarming in... some bigger than others. Do I have to mention I'm getting creepy crawly just typing this? There was this guy there who pulled me through the swarm of bugs and into some bushes. These were some pretty large bushes, because we ducked under and the branches gave us cover from the bugs. Then this guy (who spoke with an Aussie accent) started to open a box. And the Outback jingle begins. There was Outback food in the box like it had been shipped directly to our bushes. Then there is this voice over of something along the lines of "What's for dinner been bugging you?" Seriously. I had gone through this horror and it was all part of a commercial. I think I work too much. says "to see a bug in your dream, suggests that you are worried about something. It is symbolic of your anxieties and/or fears. What is literally bugging you? Consider also the popular phrase "bitten by the bug" to imply your strong emotional ties or involvement to some activity/interest/hobby. Alternatively, the bug may be representative of your sexual thoughts. " Isn't it always? Or how about "to see a moth in your dream, indicates that unseen irritations and damage will not surface until it is too late. It is important to pay attention to minor details and not overlook things or others. Alternatively, the moth may symbolize your weaknesses and character flaws. " All useful stuff.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Long, Strange Trip

Last weekend. It sure was. 'Nough said. Over the weekend I did manage to purchase a coffee table and two end tables for my newly developing living room. The coffee table was in stock at Ashley Furniture and I was able to bring it home and set it up. The end tables won't be available until the end of May. By then I may have new living room flooring! I visited the Home Depot and found two samples to take home to test colors. I also got an estimate for the whole kit and caboodle. Then I stopped into Carpets To Go and got a few samples and an estimate there. I think I've found my new laminate wood flooring from Carpets To Go! The only decision left is do I want to spend the money on installation or should I wait for one of my fabulous relatives or friends to come help me install the stuff. After that I can begin the hunt for kitchen and bathroom flooring. And don't forget about the bathroom and kitchen faucets! It is all coming together now. I'm so excited!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Letter To Buzzard Billy's La Crosse

I just had the worst dining experience at your restaurant. I came with a group of ten coworkers at noon for lunch. It took 45 minutes to get our beverages and another 15 minutes to get our food. The lady who brought out the food (not our server) was rude to us. She was calling out orders and told us to "speak up" if it was our order. Unfortunately she didn't have a correct salad for our table anyhow. Even though all of the salad dressings for the table were the same, half were wrong. Ironically, it seemed as though she was in a hurry. Our server, Frick--according to the bill, was actually quite pleasant, once he finally waited on us. However, I doubt that was his real name. I don't think I'll ever visit your restaurant for lunch again, which is disappointing to me because I actually really enjoy your food.

Buzzard Eggs... I Wish

I'm about ready to take off for Buzzard Billy's for lunch. I'm telling myself "salad." Due to the late hour I returned home last night, I'm craving something really, really bad for me. The badder the better...or something like that. I'm going out with coworkers, so hopefully they'll keep me in line. Last night I cooked some chicken stir fry for my sister and me and got in a quick foot bath and polish before I departed her house. We had a hard time following Grey's Anatomy because we tuned in late, the little froggy was still awake, and there were two story lines. It didn't help, I'm sure, that I haven't been a very consistent watcher of the show since it moved to Thursdays. I've got to get back on schedule! Ok, this small entry just about killed me with typos, so I'm done for the day. Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


It has been a pretty relaxing week. It is nice. I did a juice diet, got my house cleaned, watched the Netflix movie that had been sitting around for two weeks, started a book, and even stopped for a few glasses of wine last night on the way home. Tonight promises to be even better with stir fry at the Holmen Branch, pedicures, and Grey's Anatomy. What could be better than that? Maybe a glass of wine. We'll have to see if I have any fruits left for the day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Life Is Beautiful Illusions

Last night I finally got a chance to sit down and watch Life is Beautiful, an Italian film about a man and a boy who find themselves in a concentration camp and pretend everything is a game just to make it through. It is all about the survival of the human spirit in the face of horror. I have a hard time just sitting and watching TV; I usually have to be doing something else. Due to the Italian language and subtitles, I needed to invest myself fully in this picture show. I resisted the urge to fold laundry, iron clothes, or page through a magazine the entire time and it was well worth the one hundred and sixteen minute investment. My sister claims this as her favorite movie. I'd have to say it has got to be right up there. I think I would enjoy it more with each viewing. With the remaining evening last night I began the book Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach. After my Philosophy of Lisa conversation at the WLOP, a co-worker lent me this book thinking it would be right up my alley. I've gotten through the first two chapters and I have to admit, I did not want to stop reading. Thanks for the suggested reading, I'll keep you posted on my progress! I made it through my two-day juice diet and I have two words to say about that: cocktails anyone?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Maggots? You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

So, last Friday I got a call from my dad. He told me that some guy happened to be standing in my uncle's office when my dad called over there and he told my dad that my water meter on my house wasn't working. Since I was getting out of work early, I called this person to let him know that I would meet him at my house at 3:30pm. So, even though this wacked-out-West-Salem method of trying to reach a home owner is odd, it gets worse. The man showed up. His plan was to replace the pump in the house. I showed him to the basement. He asked for a bucket to catch the runoff. I advised him he could just roll the laundry cart out of the way. I went upstairs. He came up in a few minutes and went outside to check if the meter was working correctly yet. It was not. He went back into the basement and found some disconnected wire. After fetching a few supplies from his truck he went back down into the basement to re-secure this wire. This seemed to do the trick. After once again checking the outside meter, he hollered back in that it was working and he took off. I checked to make sure the basement lights had been turned off. They had. Last night when I went to do laundry, I wanted to move my laundry cart back into place. I noticed the bucket was still there with standing water in it. I went over to the floor drain and dumped the water. Then I noticed them. Lots of little pieces of something in the bucket. Was it leftover bird seed? No, these were white in color. What the f*ck was that? Are they moving? Oh for the love of.... I do believe there were a whole bucket of maggots in my basement. The question I need to deal with is, did they come out of the drain or were they a product of having a bucket of standing water in my basement. They had to come from somewhere! Makes me want to vomit just thinking about it. I took the bucket upstairs, wrapped it thoroughly with a few plastic bags, secured the plastic bags as tightly as I could, and took it out to the outside garbage. Then all night I had to wonder if they had gotten on me. Were they in my hair? On my pants leg? Did I bring any upstairs with me? What about downstairs? Did I kill all the ones I found? What about the ones I didn't find? I may just sell the house.


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