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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

95.7 The Rock Presents...

Buckcherry at the La Crosse Center tonight. Why didn't I just plan to go to the concert? As it turns out, I was out way too late last night. I slept in for a grand total of four hours of sleep. And then they announced we had extra tickets to the show tonight. How can I pass that up? I think I need to go home and catch a little catnap before the show. We had a few cocktails during the baby shower today and then at 4pm, one of the opening bands, Blackstone Cherry, played an acoustic set in the radio building. The vibe here is definitely that of a party day in elementary school. The kind of party day where all the kids are squirrly in anticipation until they get hopped up on surgary treats and sit around buzzing. Ah...good times. The only difference is that buzzing means something completely different as an adult. Wish me luck.

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