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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bubbly Boobly

I was just blowing bubbles and the more bubbles that floated across my desk and broke, the slipperier my desk began to look. It reminded me of that time when I was about five years old when my mom was in the shower and my sister and I decided to crawl up on the kitchen counter in order to dig through the cabinets above (where the bubbles were housed).

As we stood on the counter and blew bubbles, we did not take into account the slippery factor that I now recognize as an adult. We got that counter good and slippery and then tried to move. Bad idea. That was the day that I split my lip open. I needed stitches and my lip has been scarred ever since. It was quite the tragic bubble accident.

On a more recent note, I was super-rock-star productive this weekend! I not only did some yard work for my parents, I got most of mine done as well. I've got annuals in, the leaves off the roses, bushes pruned, and new roses ready to grow up onto the new trellis. The next big project will be getting those hedges in...probably next weekend. You should have seen the haul of yard debris I packed into the back of my little Beetle. I just keep thinking of all the bugs that are probably setting up shop in my car.

And speaking of bugs, I killed about a million box elder bugs last Friday. There were swarms and swarms of the little rat bastards on the side of my house. I recognized the little spotless red buggers from the few I had murdered in my house already. I went into the basement hunting for all those yard chemicals my grandfather had (when the lawn was well maintained) and found a heavy bottle of Ortho bug killer. I mixed up a big batch and poured it along the foundation. As most of the little guys washed away to die in the leaves below, some attempted to crawl up and out of the fumes. I responded with an "I'm sorry. Today everybody dies." and poured more poison on them. Is that wrong? As of yesterday, my foundation looked free and clear of bugs. Oh happy day!

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