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Friday, May 4, 2007

Buzzard Eggs... I Wish

I'm about ready to take off for Buzzard Billy's for lunch. I'm telling myself "salad." Due to the late hour I returned home last night, I'm craving something really, really bad for me. The badder the better...or something like that. I'm going out with coworkers, so hopefully they'll keep me in line. Last night I cooked some chicken stir fry for my sister and me and got in a quick foot bath and polish before I departed her house. We had a hard time following Grey's Anatomy because we tuned in late, the little froggy was still awake, and there were two story lines. It didn't help, I'm sure, that I haven't been a very consistent watcher of the show since it moved to Thursdays. I've got to get back on schedule! Ok, this small entry just about killed me with typos, so I'm done for the day. Happy Friday!

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