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Monday, May 14, 2007

Chess Anyone?

Yesterday provided a calm winding down from the activities of the weekend. My sister had my mom and dad and me over for lunch for Mother's Day. My dad grilled steaks and I brought a tasty bottle of Argentine Beef. Surprisingly enough, it goes great with steak! After lounging for awhile, I went online to purchase my kitchen flooring. Although my kitchen is smaller than my living room, the flooring I picked out costs twice as much and I ended up paying a lot more for my kitchen. All the reviews said it was fabulous, though. Here's hoping! I have thirteen boxes of Dupont Black and White Chess Slate Laminate flooring ordered and on its way.
I may need to schedule another flooring installation date with my most wonderful flooring-installer friend! This one supposedly has the underlayment attached, so I assume it will be super-easy installation over the old vinyl. After picking up my Peanut Sunday evening, we headed back to the West Salem Branch for some more relaxation. For me that turned into a nap on the couch and then a viewing of my latest Netflix delivery, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Have I ever mentioned that I hate Sandra Bullock? Ugh. I did enjoy the flashbacks...shocker.

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