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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reggae Rainsplash Fest

Most of my friends began their day of drinking around noon. I decided to take a breather at home and then head to Tremp City for the Reggae Fest in the evening. I got to Bob and Joyce's about 5:30pm and cracked open my first Miller Lite. My friends were eating and trying to sober up a bit. We began a rousing game of drinking Outburst. Neither team did extraordinarily well and, like most drinking games, it played itself out. I then played a quick lawn game I've never seen before and headed over to 2nd Street where I would be spending the evening.

After throwing my bag in the guest room, we had a glass of wine on the deck overlooking the river. Then we decided to head to Rudy'z for a shot before wrist-banding up at the Hotel. It was overcast and chilly, but it didn't seem to deter people from coming out...that is... until it started raining. Drip drops at first, and then quicker drops, and before I knew it, it was pouring rain. The hippies kept on dancing, letting the rain wash away the dirt (just kidding Beth) and eventually the rain stopped and the remaining crowd finished off the show.

The night provided a bounty of beer, Walnut Burgers, reggae dancing, more beer, good friends, and quick tempers. I want it noted that my friends were done at 11pm. And boy were they done! I walked back to 2nd Street by myself and luckily Sherman was still up to talk and give me perspective. She's so good at that. Thanks, Sherman.

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  1. We had too much fun. I don't think the rain was strong enough to clean some of those hippies though. We missed you Jenny.



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