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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wanted Dead or Alive

I need to attach a tag to myself that reads "If found, please call..." Just in case. Last night was a long, rambling night that began with a few glasses of wine with co-workers at 4pm. Thanks for shutting down the office for cocktails! Love it. Also love The Wine Guyz. They had specials on meat and cheese plates during the remote broadcast, so I indulged. Thanks, Ken, for picking up the tab!

We met up with a friend and headed to The Helm for their weekly drawing. Although she didn't win the big jackpot drawing, somebody did. And he was generous with the other patrons in the bar. We even got in an extraordinarily long game of darts that ended with me winning because I had the most points when we reached the round limit. Yay for me!

After that it gets, hazy, so excuse the vague details. The Helm, Animal House, Longhorns (I think this is where I have a blackout to protect my mind from the horrors of the country bar and country karaoke and dancing friends), Perkins.

I woke up this morning thinking, "What did I eat last night?" Oh the tragedy! It doesn't count if I don't remember, right? I'm still working on the blackout for that. Well, I guess I had a smash-bang start to unravelling all that I accomplished on Monday and Tuesday.

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