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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Miracle Sleep Diet

It would be great if my dietary cleanse would magically improve my quality of sleep. My schedule has been irregular and I'm really very tired. Last night I couldn't fall asleep and just as I was drifting off, Peanut started licking the floor and wouldn't stop. Usually I love having him sleep next to my bed, but last night at about 1am I kicked him out and shut the door. I felt sooo guilty for the next two minutes I was awake.

Tonight I put in a few extra hours of work, then came home with a grumbly tummy, and lack of focus for dinner. Eventually I reeled it in enough to focus on tilapia and brussel sprouts. Then I was on a roll.

I cranked out egg muffins, salad, salad dressing, snacks, and olive tapenade for tomorrow. When I sat down with a sparkling water and avocado snack it was already 915 and some FOX weather girl was laying on the drama about the big 2-3 inch snow storm tomorrow.

It's late again and I'm not looking forward to dealing with Springfieldians driving in 2 inches of snow. Now's the time. Miracle sleep diet, bring me a dream!

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  1. After we started giving Magoo valerian root and I saw how well it worked for her I started taking it too. It helps calm the mind down so you can relax and go to sleep. You can get it in liquid like I give Magoo, capsules, or in tea.



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