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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Giddy!

I wanted to take a moment to browse the antique mall in La Crosse before my planned swimming afternoon with the nieces.

I was lured in by the kidney bean coffee table in the front window, but it was the back of the basement where I stumbled upon this beauty!

It's one section of two. And much more golden yellow than it appears in this photo. It really reminds me of my childhood golden yellow sofa. I think it will look absolutely fabulous with my grey walls.
And I've been wanting one for years, so I recently have been keeping my eyes open for a smaller sofa. My current sofa beast only likes to be arranged one way. And I am a rearranging kinda girl!
I can hardly wait to see all the possibilities with these two little lovelies! I'm super giddy!

I balanced out my antique furniture purchasing high with more kiddo time at my sister's. They sure can wear a girl out! It was a lovely dinner and afternoon, though.

Now I've got to keep my giddy glow for another six weeks until the sofa is delivered back to Springfield!

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