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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


On Sunday the road to adventure took me south. I couldn't pass up stopping by this antique mall when I saw the welcoming figure in his under clothes. And an ice cream cone. Nothing quite says "come on in" like a giant boy in his shorts.
It was an interesting antique mall as it appeared to be a former high school. Crazy town. I did find another 1970/71 Lefton piece, so I feel as though the stop was meant to be!
The adventure trail lead right down to this fancy old bridge.
 And this little boat run ashore.
 And then there was the arch.What possessed me to agree to such shenanigans? I feel as though last I checked I was still afraid of heights, elevators, small spaces, and boys locker rooms. And yet when asked, it was "okay" that came out of my mouth.
The 7:35  tour was actually the time the waiting began. It was A LOT of waiting. Wait in the ticket line. Wait in the dungeon line. Wait for a boarding pass. Wait for the tram. All that waiting was eating away at my nerves!

But somehow I made it to the top of the arch. I emerged into the tiny, hot little viewing room and was greeted with the pungent aroma of a whole 90+ degree day's worth of body odor. Delightful!
I peered out the little windows in either direction and it only made me a little dizzy leaning out. It felt in my head like I was actually leaning out of a window from up there. Holy Hannah will that make a girl dizzy!

After making it safely back to below ground level and climbing back out from underneath the stance of the giant arch the sun had set. A practically full moon reflected glimmery light across the arch. Practically magical.

After a late dinner at a nearby eatery the road was beckoning for home. It was a late, late night, but worth every moment!


  1. Lisa, that's a beautiful picture of you.

  2. Plenty of links detailing the history along with video / photos of that location.

    Twistee Treat The Pink Elephant Antique Mall I-55 Livingston IL



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