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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sun Sets

The sun has set on another event. It was a hot, hot, hot Rock the Dock this year! I was extraordinarily relieved when that ball of fire sunk below the horizon.

I actually did pretty well in the heat. I get sun sick and migraines really easily due to a sun sick bout when I was young. The whole day is really about fighting it back while trying to get the job done.

Hearing that coconut water is supposed to be good for hangovers, I figured it is probably good for hydration. I purchased four bottles and drank them in between bottles of water. I even had a fruit smoothie drink for extra nutrients.

My head was pulsing waves of pain on and off all day, but I only felt nauseated once. My lunchtime break nap and shower really got me back on my feet and ready to tackle the more intensive set up portion of the day.

As the gates opened and people began enjoying all the work we had put in, things only got better. The children seemed to really enjoy the mister and of course the giant slide. They can't get enough turns on the giant slide!

I ran bottles of water to the workers, breaking between each run to hydrate more myself. After the carnival was torn down and the good folks of Springfield were settling in for the massive fireworks display over Lake Springfield, I settled in with a Crispin.

That's right...our go-to beer distributor just started carrying Crispin! What more could a gluten-free girl need at the end of the night than an ice cold bottle of cider? I was feeling so excited that I wasn't sick, I may have had two!

So with a few hours in the office yesterday, the car is unloaded and most of my regular Friday business has been taken care of. With a few more hours today, I hope to complete a project I just haven't had time to do. There's no such thing as an overtime-free event week! Hopefully with the sun set today, everything will be back to normal.

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