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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Achy Hop Hop Kick Kick Hop Achy

I finally did it! After recovering from a dubious hangover on Sunday morning, I ripped out my living room carpet. The padding was stapled to the floor, so I had to pry out staples and then the carpet strips. I'm thinking the carpet removal came just in the nick of time. That carpet padding was disintegrating especially quickly in high-traffic areas. Disgusting. Trust me when I say that ripping out the carpet was the easy part. I've got a guy that is supposedly going to call me today to schedule a start time for the project, but thinks we should at least get the living room done before my party! Yay! So I woke up Monday to an all-over achy pain in my body. My prying hand was especially sore. You know it's bad when your bones ache. Ouchy. So, I made it through the day with a couple doses of ibruprofen and decided to mow the lawn when I got home....quickly before heading off to play practice. I almost got a migraine, but staved it off with more ibruprofen, 40 ounces of water, and a cool shower, and I was off to rehearsal. We did an hour of singing followed by an hour of dance. We worked a little more on the jitterbug section of dance that is swingy. We pretty much hop, hop, kick, kick, hop, repeat. All the dancing and sweating really loosened me up and I forgot I was in pain until I was sitting at the Bodega with an icey beverage and could actually feel my muscles tightening up again. Oh the humanity! P.S. I had a breif bout of pink eye on Friday night/early Saturday morning which turned out to be too much vodka. ;)

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