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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's The Final Countdown

This is my last day of work before the big shin dig this weekend. Everything is coming together. Either that or so much stuff is going on right now that I don't even have the time or energy to be worried about anything. Either way, it is working for me. I had a setback with the flooring. The flooring guy was running out of flooring, so we purchased two new boxes. Apparently the company has changed the locking mechanism and the new and old flooring will not join. The living room is completed, but only 2/3 of the hallway got done. We are waiting to hear back from the distributor to see if two boxes of the old flooring can be found. Something, I tell you, something has got to go right for me this week. As it is looking, I may have an unfinished floor for my party. And considering that, the flooring guy decided not to start the kitchen and have the same problem. We'll tackle that issue next week. I got a bit of bad news yesterday. We've been advised to plan for a Sunday rehearsal this week for Mame. The director said we would have it at 6am if needed. Since I put Saturday in as a conflict for my party, I'm going to go ahead and claim 6am as Saturday and say I can't make it. Last year we stayed up until 6:30am, so I'm not being unreasonable here. Like I said, I just need something to go right. At least my martinis will make you see double and feel single. I'll catch you on the retro side.

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