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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sicky McSickerson

I have been ill. No fun. On Monday night at rehearsal I was beginning to have sinus pain and my throat began to close up. I figured it was due to the allergens in the air (they have recently replaced the stage and apparently there is a huge percentage of air that is actually just saw dust). I had similar problems when I had gone in for call backs. I figured when I left the theatre I would feel better.

I spent some quality time in a bar after rehearsal and surprisingly enough, my throat did not get better. By Tuesday morning I woke up to razor sharp pains in my throat and the inability to swallow. Ouchy. I could not talk. I stayed home. Wednesday my throat was better, but the sickiness had moved into my head. After two days napping and a serious vitamin c overdose, I'm back at blog...I mean work and feeling tip-top. I could go for a nap, though. I'm so tired!

I found out that I have Friday night off and was really hoping to spend it at a Loggers game. Alas, the baseball gods have smited me and the Loggers do not have a home game. So sad. We do have a station night at the races on Saturday. I'm waiting to hear if my friends will go with me. I haven't been there yet this summer either. So much fun to be had on these last weekends of the summer. I just don't know where to start!

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